Poinsettia Wishes at Gardens by the Bay is back with a giant cupcake ferris wheel

by Vera

More Christmas things head our way with Gardens by the Bay‘s Flower Dome joining the festive happenings. Their Poinsettia Wishes display makes a comeback this year, inspired by traditional confectionery from the Nordic countries. It brings a quite literally sweet touch to the year end festivities with a ferris wheel “made” of cupcakes, and snowmen who are really more of marshmallow men instead.

Cupcake ferris wheel

Photo: @gardensbythebay/facebook

The wheel stands at eight metres tall, and is one of the highlights of Poinsettia Wishes, serving as the centrepiece of the whole attraction which can be spotted from a mile away.

Candied-apple carriage

Photo: @gardensbythebay/facebook

If, by now, the confectionery theme wasn’t clear enough, then this apple carriage peppered with saccharine treats should send a strong signal. Spot familiar sweet treats like lollipops, meringue, and biscuit sticks poking out from the carriage, threatening a sugar rush even just from looking at it.

Marshmallow snowmen

Poinsettia Wishes
Photo: @gardensbythebay/facebook

With three marshmallows stacked atop each other, the type of snowmen which you’ll find in Poinsettia Wishes perhaps differ slightly from the usual characters you’ve come to know from your childhood.

Gingerbread people & candy canes

Poinsettia Wishes
Photo: @gardensbythebay/facebook

You’ll also find gingerbread people all around the exhibition, as well as the occasional cookie cutter which I can only assume is a poetic allusion to the shells of those weary from the hustle. It’s tough being a gingerbread person in this economy.

Rolling pin, whisk & other baking-inspired installations

Poinsettia Wishes
Photo: @gardensbythebay/facebook

In keeping with the confectionery theme at Poinsettia Wishes, you can also snap pictures with a giant whisk, spatula, rolling pin, and other baking motifs around the area.

IG-worthy shots

Photo: @angieysw/instagram

If your socials have been dead all year round, now’s an opportune time to revive the ‘gram and populate your feed again, lest your friends forget what you look like.

Book your tickets for the exhibition here.

Poinsettia Wishes 2021
Facebook | Instagram | Website
???? Gardens by the Bay, Flower Dome: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
???? 9am–9pm (Daily)
????️ Now to 3 Jan 2022

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