Official Pokémon Twitter Account leaks Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Switch remakes

by Natalie Lim

Hold your horses. Did the official Pokémon Twitter account just tease a Diamond and Pearl return?

This weekend, on the 27th of February, the Pokémon series celebrates its 25th anniversary since the launch of the original Game Boy titles.

Since January 2021, rumours of the remake had already been floating around. Spanish fansite Centro Pokémon reportedly confirmed Switch remakes of the DS titles Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, and that they would be revealed around the time of Pokémon Day. 

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl release

On the 24th of February, the official Pokémon Twitter account shared the following tweet, “Let’s go, Sinnoh!”.

Though the account has referenced other Pokémon games and generations in its daily countdown, this Tweet, in particular, has got some fans excited. Because coincidentally, the Sinnoh region was first introduced in the fourth generation alongside Pokémon Diamond & Pearl for Nintendo DS.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were the first games in the main Pokémon saga for the Nintendo DS. They started the fourth generation of Pokémon and introduced the Sinnoh region, as well as the Pokémons Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup .

But for those who are still sceptical, there’s a leak from a GameShop employee, showing the company’s internal database. The picture shows two upcoming Switch game stock-keeping units (SKU) that are believed to be the remake from developer Game Freak, and publishers The Pokémon Company and Nintendo. 

The USD$59.99 unnamed titles are rumoured to be shipped to warehouses, and that the games are to be released later this month.

Pokemon diamond and pearl
Photo: My Nintendo News

The Pokémon Company plans to officially reveal the remakes of Pokémon Diamonds and Pearl for Nintendo Switch in February, according to sources close to the company. In addition, this new instalment will be different from Pokémon Let’s Go, the remake of Kanto released in 2018, maintaining the classic Pokémon capture style, according to the Pokémon Center.

It’s been 15 years since the release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl on the Nintendo DS. We may not be travelling anytime soon due to lockdown, but hey, Sinnoh could be our next destination for adventure.

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