There’s an IG account that rates Singapore’s public hand sanitisers so you’ll know which to avoid

by Natalie Lim

Ever since COVID-19, there have been three types of people in this world. The ones that carry bottles of hand sanitisers around, the ones that simply do not bother, and lastly, the ones that would kope from public hand sanitisers available.

So if you belong to the third group of people, we’ve found an Instagram account that rates public hand sanitisers all over Singapore so you’ll know which ones to avoid.

The anonymous account, @ratemyhandsan, has only 7 posts. However, upon further examination, we’ve found that his sanitiser reviews were wittily-written. 

Here are some examples.

hand sanitisers singapore 1
Photo: instagram/@ratemyhandsan

@ratemyhandsan’s first post features IKEA’s hand sanitiser. As stated, it was rated a solid 7.5/10 and “leaves hands as smooth as Muji’s top-of-the-line bed linens”. Here’s another reason to visit IKEA again, if their meatballs aren’t enough.

However, IKEA’s disinfectant remains at the top of the list while the rest of the reviews get worse and worse.

hand sanitisers singapore 2
Photo: instagram/@ratemyhandsan

In @ratemyhandsan’s review for NUS Utown Residence’s lift hand sanitiser, it was rated “clings to skin like caramel to teeth” and “would not recommend unless experiencing flu-like symptoms”. We’re guessing that this review helps get students out of sticky situations.

Photo: instagram/@ratemyhandsan

Then, we have City Hall MRT’s hand sanitiser on the list. The sanitiser has a texture that’s comparable to dishwashing liquid, and from @ratemyhandsan’s caption, it looks like our expert’s a fan of the game, Among Us. 

@ratemyhandsan’s last posting was on January 26 2021, and we’re unsure if he’ll continue his reviews. Last we checked, the public hand sanitisers in areas of Singapore are distributed by different companies, so we’re looking forward to more. During a pandemic like this, light-hearted humour helps to liven up the mood, even if it’s for a little bit.

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