Canopy HortPark is an adorable spot for weekend brunches and letting the dogs out

by Evan Mua
Canopy HortPark dog-friendly cafe singapore

It’s hard to find a cool cafe where you can chill with your doggo. Or sometimes, we just want to be surrounded with fluffy energy. That’s why we were excited when we found dog-friendly café, Canopy HortPark.

Canopy HortPark dog-friendly cafe singapore
Photo: @themonstercorgi/instagram

While it’s only been open since late last year, it’s been a popular spot for Sunday dates and hanging with the squad. Especially due to its proximity to popular hike spots like Henderson Waves.

Canopy HortPark dog-friendly cafe singapore
Photo: @canopygardendining/instagram

And the main thing that makes Canopy HortPark such a cool place is the very vibey outdoor sitting area. Which is also coincidentally dog-friendly. Who let the dogs out? We did, gang. We did.

Not to mention all the lush greens surrounding the area with warm sunlight gently trickling inside. It’s just such a relaxing spot to hang out.


This is the second outlet from Canopy Dining, with the first being located in Bishan. Both outlets were designed to let diners revel in a garden-like atmosphere.

That said, it’s not just about an idyllic dining space and dog-friendly café. Because Canopy HortPark’s food is equally beautifully presented and perfect for the gram.

Canopy HortPark dog-friendly cafe dry aged beef burger
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One of the most ordered and photogenic items has to be their Dry Aged Beef Burger (S$32).

Dry aged beef is not often used in burgers, so this is a rare chance to try it in burger form. Especially when topped with Canopy HortPark’s decadent ensemble of truffle mayonnaise and onion marmalade.

Canopy HortPark dog-friendly cafe angus ribeye steak
Photo: @kwleong/instagram

If you’re looking to ramp up on the meatiness, go for the thicc cut of Grilled Angus Ribeye 200g (S$38). It’s even got some fancy red wine sauce to match the ambiance at Canopy HortPark.

Canopy HortPark dog-friendly cafe angel hair pasta
Photo: @sgnomster/instagram

Even if meat is not your beat, you can go for the very daintily plated Cold Angel Hair Pasta (S$42). Certainly a luxurious plate of pasta that would impress your date with its fragrant mix of truffle-butter sauce and white truffle oil.

Photo: @memphis_mia/instagram

Perhaps you want a creamier pasta? Their Carbonara (S$19) is affordable and coated in a glistening cream—look even doggo thinks it looks tasty.

Canopy HortPark is a dog-friendly cafe with a beautiful alfresco area filled with lush greens. A great spot for post-hiking brunch and dates.
Photo: @puglizzy/instagram

Looking to just chill over drinks? The drinks menu at Canopy HortPark is quite diverse, with standard coffee options Latte (S$5) or Flat White (S$5) available. Or you can let loose with draught beer as cheap as S$11 during their 3pm-7pm Happy Hour.

So if you’re looking to impress your friends and/or dates? Canopy HortPark’s aesthetics are perfect, especially since it’s a dog-friendly café. You’d enjoy having furry little eyecandies running around making you go “awwww”.

Canopy HortPark
Facebook | Instagram
???? 33 Hyderabad Road, #01-01 HortPark, Singapore 119578
????️ 8am–10:30pm (Daily)

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