First look at Seoul Garden’s all-new a la carte menu since they’ve stopped their buffets

by Vera

It was the end of an era for some when Seoul Garden first announced that they were ceasing their buffet offerings forever. Their barbecue meats can still be enjoyed, though, just through an all-new a la carte menu instead.

New menu offerings & grill bundles

Like most Korean BBQ restaurants, you’ll find the usual line up of beef, chicken, and seafood plates. But if value’s what you seek, then the various grill bundles might tickle your fancy, all while keeping you full.

My dining partner and I got to try the Supreme Grill Bundle (S$80 for 2 pax) that saves you up to S$48 when compared to ordering the dishes a la carte, but a four pax version is also available at S$140. T

o suit varying budgets at Seoul Garden, there also exists the Premium Grill Bundle (S$65 for 2 pax, S$140 for 4 pax) that really drives home every bang for your buck.

The Supreme Grill Bundle entitled us 150g each of Wagyu Rostbiff, Wagyu Karubi, Huchu Beef to start. We also had the Spicy Bulgogi Chicken Chop (200g), Salmon Fillet (150g), and four pieces of tiger prawns. Canadian Bay Scallops (8 pieces) and Deliyakki Chicken Chop (200g) are also served with the four-person menu, but are not included in the two-person menu.

To pair nicely with the rich meats, diners at Seoul Garden will also be served two portions of Kimgaru Rice and receive a free-flow of Namul, Sauce, Lettuce Wraps, and Garlic Slices. Wash it all down with a 1-litre jug of Cold Korean Barley Tea. All things considered, the Supreme Grill Bundle is a fair option for those looking to be kept full, yet experience a medley of variety.

We also got a taste of the Ultimate Sampling Platter (S$78) which was a glorious showcase of the US Super Prime Striploin, Wagyu Zabuton, Wagyu Picanha, and Wagyu Rostbiff.

Melona, a popular Korean ice cream treat, was also served at the end of the meal.

Thoughts in summary

While some might be disappointed that they’ll no longer have the all-you-can-eat option at Seoul Garden, the trade off has only made room for better quality meats and a careful curation of their menu. I’d safely put Seoul Garden in my list of Korean BBQ options during my next night out. With more thought and more premium meats woven into the menu, there’s much promise that brims at the Korean BBQ chain.

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