Deaf couple running Signs A Taste of Vietnam Pho at Somerset struggle to keep it open due to COVID

by Evan Mua

We’ve seen a recent public outpour of support for illiterate, aged hawkers troubling over staying afloat during the stay-home period. Signs A Taste of Vietnam Pho is in a similar predicament — its hearing-impaired owners are struggling during this period.

The non-descript Vietnamese eatery in the basement of Orchard Gateway serves up homely Vietnamese fare, including classics like Pho and Banh Mi.

signs a taste of vietnam pho singaproe
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Signs A Taste of Vietnam Pho is run by a couple who are hearing-impaired, hence the “signs” in the name and signboard.

They charge affordable prices and often attract modest crowds during lunch in Somerset. But the unfortunate situation now is a lack of business for them due to the dine-in restrictions.

Plus the owners are also not knowledgeable about delivery platforms and aren’t on any of them. Couple all that with the fact that almost everyone is working from home, business is struggling.

signs a taste of vietnam pho somerset
Photo: Signs A Taste of Vietnam Pho

When people come here, the main thing they order is Pho. A classic Vietnamese noodle cooked in a sweet and clean-tasting soup. It’s typically made from beef but chicken, pork, and vegetarian options are also available here.

You can get a simple and comforting bowl of Sliced Beef Ribeye, Sliced Beef Shin or Beef Ball Pho for just S$8 or get the all-in Beef Feast Combo for S$10.

Non beef-eaters can still savour their Pho, with Chicken Pho, Pork Pho, and Vegetarian Pho available for S$7.

signs a taste of vietnam pho banh mi
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However, if noodles are not your thing then maybe you can go for one of the Banh Mi at Signs A Taste of Vietnam Pho. These are delicious Vietnamese sandwiches made with crunchy baguettes.

Choices of fillings include Ham, Charsiu Pork and Lemongrass & Tumeric Chicken for S$6. While the more indulgent Stir-Fried Beef costs S$7.

Photo: @evirobiex/instagram

For sides at , there are also freshly-made Chicken & Prawn and Pork & Prawn Spring Rolls at S$6.

signs a taste of vietnam pho avocado milk shake
Photo: Signs A Taste of Vietnam Pho

Creamy Avocado Milk Shakes (S$5) are also available to satiate those that have a sweet tooth.

Those that are interested in taking away the food can send a text to their Whatsapp at 86854838. These are tough times for many in the F&B industry and many of them would appreciate the support.

Signs A Taste of Vietnam Pho
???? 277 Orchard Rd, #B2-15 Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858
????️ 11am–8:30pm (Mon–Sat), 11am–3pm (Sun)

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