25 dim sum places in Singapore with delivery and takeaway to enjoy in the comfort of home

by Evan Mua

Just when we thought that things were getting better, Singapore did a whole 180 and we’re back to living in fear. Besides mandatory WFH, the privilege of going out for strolls or dining out was stripped away. One thing we miss is feasting on comfort food at old haunts like Swee Choon — don’t we all wish someone could drop us a dim sum delivery?

If you find yourself craving bites from your favourite midnight dim sum places, we’ve got you covered. Though you will not be eating out with your friends, we found some of Singapore’s best dim sum deliveries to make your day a little better.

So Good Char Chan Teng

dim sum delivery singapore so good char chan teng
Photo: @edmonhofotografie/instagram

A Char Chan Teng so good they had to put it in their name. So Good Char Chan Teng is one of the hottest HK diners in Singapore and their dim sum is up for delivery. They have some scrumptious dim sum like the crumbly HK Bolo Buns (S$4.90) or Hongkong Style Rice Rolls (S$3.90). But the best part is pairing it with homely CCT fare such as the decadent Roast Duck Noodles (S$8.70) for a filling meal.

And it’s so good that they have islandwide delivery! Locations under a 10km radius would cost S$8.56 and those beyond 10km would cost S$12.84 — both require a minimum order of $35.

Order here.

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Sin Ming outlet
???? 26 Sin Ming Ln, #01-121B Midview City, Singapore 573971
????️ 8am–8pm (Daily)

Somerset TripleOne outlet
????  111 Somerset Rd, #01-16 TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164
????️ 8am–9pm (daily)

Capitol Piazza outlet
????  13 Stamford Road, Capitol Piazza #01-17/18, Singapore 178905
????️ 8am–9pm (daily)

Mdm Ling Bakery

Photo: @mymeltingmatcha/instagram

Not Dim Sum delivery per se, but Mdm Ling’s exploded in popularity in Singapore during CB for one thing — flowy paus. Frozen paus that still ooze liquid gold after heating up, Liu Sha Pau (S$10.90/6pcs) connoisseurs would wanna hoard these. But don’t sleep on their Tau Sar Paus’ (S$8.90/6pcs) silky fillings either. There’s even a Phase 2 Bundle containing all their signature Paus and 2 bottles of cookies for S$52.

Delivery is available islandwide for a flat fee of S$10.90, but orders above S$45 get free delivery. You can even check in some group buy groups, chances are that some of your neighbours are craving for the paus too.

Order here.

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???? Home-based

Dim Sum Haus

dim sum delivery singapore dim sum haus
Photo: @cloudff88/instagram

They may have butchered the word “house” but everything else served at Dim Sum Haus cuts right to a T. Besides serving the standard dim sum menu such as Har Gau and Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, they also serve roasted delights such as KL Style BBQ Pork (S$13.08) and Dang Gui Roast Duck (S$13.08).

There’s a minimum order of S$20 depending on your location and the island-wide delivery fee varies. To save on delivery fees, you can opt for self-pick-up between 9.30AM to 8.30PM.

Order here.

Facebook | Instagram
???? 57 Jln Besar, Singapore 208809
????️ 9am–9pm (Daily)

Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant

dim sum delivery singapore swee choon
Photo: @yang.dashao/instagram

Good news for fans of Singapore’s most popular dim sum house — they do deliveries as well. If you want to try something new, they have unique Mala Siew Mais (S$9.70/6pc) and Mala Xiao Long Baos (S$12.90/8pc) now. But for those who just want an indulgent dim sum feast like the photo above, you can’t go wrong with their Swee Choon Top 10 (S$78.90) that has all their classics.

You can get a 15% off your orders when you pick up when they’re open between 10am to 1am daily, with no minimum spend. Otherwise, they offer islandwide delivery at S$5 with a minimum spend of S$35.

Order here.

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???? 183/185/187/189/191/193 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208882
????️ 10am–1pm (Takeaway)

Chop Suey Cafe

dim sum delivery singapore cjop suey cafe
Photo: Chop Suey Cafe

Chop Suey is a unique mishmash of Asian flavours all around, opened by popular cafe P.S. Cafe. They’ve put some unique twists put onto classic Dim Sum dishes such as the Crispy Duck Pow Pockets (S$18.74) which are paus stuffed with duck confit. But the most eye-catching item has to be the multi-coloured Dim Sum Basket (S$20.88) with a little bit of everything, including a pretty pink flaky Charsiew Puff.

Pick it up yourself and you can get a 20% off your order. Otherwise, islandwide delivery is available with free delivery once you reach S$120.

Order here.

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???? 10 Dempsey Rd, #01-23, Singapore 247700
????️ 11:30am–10pm (last order 9pm)

Victor’s Kitchen

Photo: @eatwithmegan

A hidden gem that’s tucked inside the slightly-dated Sunshine Plaza, but trust me when I say it gets quite crowded during mealtime. Victor’s Kitchen is a simple, no-frills shop and their offerings reflect that. Some best-sellers include the timeless King Prawn Dumplings (S$5.70/3pcs) and crumbly Charsiew Bolo Buns (S$5.80/2pc). 

You can get a 10% off your orders when you pick up, until 13 June 2021. A delivery within a 10km radius would cost S$5 with a minimum order of $40, while orders outside 10km would cost S$8 with a minimum order of $50.

Order here.

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???? 91 Bencoolen Street, 01-49, Singapore, 189652
????️ Pickup: 10:30am–8pm (Daily), Delivery: 11:00am–08:30 pm (Daily)

Sum Dim Sum

Photo: @munchrealm/instagram

Har Gow is served on every dim sum restaurant’s menu. But we bet that you haven’t seen Tiffany Blue Har Gows (S$6) yet. Over at Sum Dim Sum, their visually appealing har gows are the star of the show. The colouring comes from butterfly-pea flowers which are rich in antioxidants, so you can convince yourself that it’s a healthy meal.

Another to note would be their Baked Crispy Pork Bun (S$6). A flaky cookie crust layers a pandan flavoured bun, opening to reveal an abundance of moist and tender pork fillings. 

Contact Jane @ 90922662 for delivery charges.

Order here.

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???? 161 Jln Besar, Singapore 208876
????️ Delivery: 11:30am–8pm (Daily)

Social Place

Photo: @jeanthatsme/instagram

While perhaps most renowned for their twerking Pig Pudding, Social Place probably has the cutest Dim Sum you can get for delivery in Singapore. Just look at the Truffled Shiitake Buns (S$8.60/3pcs) that look just like mushrooms or their intricately crafted Rose Floret Bun (S$3.10). Hey, you can have fun eating dim sum at home too!

Island-wide delivery can be had for a minimum order of S$50, at a flat delivery fee of S$4.90. Or takeaway instead and enjoy 10% off until 13 June 2021. 

Order here.

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???? FORUM The Shopping Mall, Orchard Rd, #01-22 583, Singapore, 238884
????️ Delivery: 12pm–2:30pm, 6:30pm–9:30pm (Daily)

126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi 揾到食

Photo: @inoutspot/instagram

Geylang is one of the most famous hotspots for supper dim sum with 126 Dim Sum at its heart. While 126 Dim Sum doesn’t provide delivery to all of Singapore, you can still enjoy your late-night munchies if you stay near the Geylang or Boon Keng outlet. A sprawling menu includes cool items such as the jumbo-sized King Siew Mai (S$7.87/4pcs) and a less-typical Fried Banana with Mango Roll (S$6.29).

You can find them on FoodPanda.

Geylang outlet
???? 126 Sims Ave, Singapore 387449
????️ Open 24h (Daily)

Boon Keng outlet
????  1086 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328187
????️ 5pm–2am (daily)

Tim Ho Wan

dim sum delivery singapore tim ho wan
Photo: @kwleong/instagram

Everyone should be familiar with this popular dim sum chain from Hong Kong with 1 Michelin Star. Nothing is more comforting than one of their world-renowned Baked BBQ Pork Buns (S$8.40/3pcs). Though for those who love variety and value, consider the Happiness Dim Sum Set (S$38.90) with your choice of 6 dishes and 2 drinks.

Islandwide delivery is available for a flat fee of S$10 if you meet their S$80 minimum requirement. Otherwise you can find an outlet nearer to you on food delivery platforms, or take-away for limited-time 10% off ala-carte dim sum orders.

Order here.

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???? Multiple outlets

Kimly Dim Sum

Photo: @eatwithjw/instagram

Kimly is the affordable dim sum hack for the heartlands — probably the cheapest dim sum delivery you can find in Singapore, with over 49 locations. We’re talking as low as S$1 for their Custard Pau and Chicken Pau, but you’d wanna shell out just a bit more to try their juicy signature Bak Kwa Pau (S$1.20).

There isn’t a unified delivery service but you can find them on major food delivery platforms.

Order here.

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???? Multiple outlets

Tang Tea House

dim sum delivery singapore tang tea house
Photo: Tang Tea House

Tang Tea House is one of the unicorns of dim sum — a halal-certified dim sum house. So if there are Muslim friends looking for dim sum delivery in Singapore to try, this is it. Indecisive dim sum lovers can get a Multi Flavour Bun (S$8.56) order with 6 different flavours including kaya and yam. A Lobster Mai (S$6.53/3pcs) is also on the menu for some seafood goodness.

For a flat fee of S$5, you can get islandwide delivery as long as you hit the minimum order of S$50. You can also find them on food delivery platforms.

Order here.

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???? Multiple outlets

Yum Cha

dim sum delivery singapore yum cha
Photo: @foo.ddicted

Most Singaporeans would have been to Yum Cha to yum cha at some point, due to their general affordability and diversity. If you wanna relive those Yum Cha high tea moments at home, get one of their Dim Sum Sets to share and indulge with your family. They come in 3-4 pax for S$58 or a S$88 set that feeds 8-10 pax.

If you’re looking to takeaway, they have a generous 15% off promo during this period using the code “15PICKME”. Island-wide delivery is available once you hit S$50 minimum spend, and delivery fees start from S$5 though it’s free if you hit S$80.

Order here.

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????Multiple outlets

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant

dim sum delivery singapore si chuan dou hua
Photo: @singapore__diary

From salted egg to mentaiko and now mala, Singaporeans are always on top of food trends. To satisfy your spicy food cravings, visit Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant, where they specialise in traditional Chinese dishes and dim sum.

The Beancurd in Spicy Meat Sauce (S$22) is drenched in a numbing sauce, while other dishes such as the Sliced Pork with Garlic and Chilli Sauce (S$18) also packs a punch. To try a variety of dishes, you can also order Set Menus from S$55 for four pax.

The place offers island-wide delivery from S$5 based on location and there’s 10% off for first orders. From 16 May to 13 June, customers can enjoy free delivery with a minimum spending of S$100.

Order here.

Facebook | Instagram
????  80 Raffles Place, #60-01, 1 UOB Plaza, Singapore 048624
????️ 11am–8pm (Takeaway)

The Dim Sum Place

dim sum delivery singapore dim sum place
Photo: The Dim Sum Place

Here’s another one for our Muslim friends. The Dim Sum Place is a halal-certified restaurant that serves authentic Cantonese cuisine. Their Baked Bun with Roasted Duck Filling (S$6.90) is a tasty twist from the usual BBQ pork, and other sweet bites such as DSP Cheese Tart (S$5.90) and Molten Salted Egg Custard Bun (S$6.90) are also available.

To place your order, Whatsapp them at 9666 7420 (North Bridge Road) or 98457747 (Changi City Point). Or, call them at 66558787 (North Bridge Road) or 65928815 (Changi City Point). Payment has to be done via PayNow.

Order here.

Facebook | Instagram
North Bridge outlet
????  791 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198759
????️ 11am–8pm (Takeaway)

Changi City Point outlet
????  5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Changi City Point, #B1-30/31, Singapore 486038
????️ 11am–8pm (Takeaway)

Lotus Vegetarian

Photo: Lotus Vegetarian

Unlike most other vegetarian places in Singapore, Lotus Vegetarian offers a huge vegetarian dim sum menu — and there’s delivery too. There’s a myriad of items, ranging from Veggie Siew Mai (S$4.20/3pcs) to Pan Fried Veg King Oyster Bun (S$4.20/3pcs). For BBT fans, they even have a collab with Chi Cha San Chen for DIm Sum Sets for 2-3pax (S$46.80) or 4-5pax (S$82.80).

There is a minimum spend of S$59 for islandwide delivery, with a flat S$8 delivery fee or free for orders above S$120. If you’re within 5km radius of them, you can get free delivery with a minimum S$39 spent. They also have plans for cheaper area-based delivery.

Order here.

Facebook | Instagram
???? 103 Irrawaddy Rd, #02-07 Royal Square@Novena, Singapore 329566
????️ 11am–9:30pm (Daily)

Yi Dian Xin Hong Kong Dim Sum

dim sum delivery singapore yi dian xing
Photo: @whatisdieting/instagram

Few people would have heard of this dim sum gem hidden in Kovan. It’s a good time to order delivery now because unlike dim sum places in Singapore, they are only open until 4pm — and the wait is long. The must-gets here is obviously their Signature Salted Egg Custard Pau (S$4) with a velvety molten core. But their menu is pretty extensive, covering everything you’d expect from steamed to fried items.

You can find them on GrabFood with islandwide delivery.

Facebook | Instagram
???? 1014 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534752
????️ 7am–4pm (Daily)

Wah Lok

Photo: @nas.toires/instagram

For a hearty meal, Wah Lok at Carlton Hotel Singapore serves up a variety of dim sum fare. For something more premium, try the Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings with Bamboo Fungus in Truffle Oil (S$7.70) and Fried Carrot Cake with XO Sauce (S$12.80). Carbs such as Braised Mee Pok Noodles with Lobster, Ginger & Onion (S$29.90) are also available.

Orders below S$70 are subjected to a S$12 delivery charge, while the delivery fee for orders above S$70 is S$8.

Order here.

Facebook | Instagram
????  76 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore 189558
????️ 11.30am–2.30pm (Takeaway)

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen

dim sum delivery singapore crystal jade
Photo: @low_winnie/instagram

The Singapore-based Chinese restaurant chain is a place that all Singaporeans are familiar with. Perfect for tea break, Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen has a variety of dim sum dishes such as Steam Xiao Long Bao in Cantonese Style (S$7.50) and Deep Fried Mango Roll with Prawn (S$7.50).

The restaurant delivers island-wide via the Deliveroo app and the fee is based on location. 

Order here.

Facebook | Instagram
????  3017 Bedok North Street 5, Singapore 486121
????️ 7am–9pm (Daily)

Paradise Dynasty

Photo: @foreverinafoodmood/instagram

When it comes to Chinese dim sum nobody quite does it like Paradise Dynasty. Especially when it comes to Xiao Long Bao, with their Rainbow Xiao Long Bao. Alas, their signature doesn’t make it to the delivery menu but you can still indulge in the flavourful Pan-Fried Shanghai Pork Buns (S$6.18/3pc) and gorgeously sleek Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Custard Lava Charcoal Buns (S$6.39/3pcs).

There is a minimum spend of S$50, but delivery is a flat S$8 or free with an order above $100. A 20% off offer also applies if you order online for a self-pickup.

Order here.

Facebook | Instagram
???? Multiple outlets
????️ 10:30am–9pm (Daily)

Hong Kong Zhai Dim Sum

dim sum delivery singapore
Photo: @nik_ki/instagram

Dim sum is usually considered as breakfast or tea time fare, but for those that just can’t get enough of it, Hong Kong Zhai Dim Sum offers Ready to Cook Dim Sum delivery as well. Besides ordering a meal for your family, you can also get items such as Sesame Creamy Custard Ball (S$5.90) or Steam Pork Ribs (S$6.50) to store in the freezer for your next meal.

There’s a minimum order of S$38 and delivery fee is depending on location. For orders above S$100, delivery is free.

Order here.

Facebook | Instagram

????️ Opens at 11.30am

Min Jiang at Goodwood Park

dim sum delivery singapore min jiang
Photo: Min jiang at Goodwood Park Hotel

Say you wanna reward yourself for staying strong through all that’s thrown at us. Then Min Jiang is probably one of the best choices for luxe dim sum delivery. While the hotel restaurant crafts simple but elegant bites like the Steamed Chicken and Prawn Dumpling ‘Siew Mai‘ (S$6.80/4pcs) their star has to be the Camphor Tea Smoked Duck Fillet (S$35.20/half, S$70.40/whole) which comes with delicate crepes for wrapping.

You need to make a minimum order worth S$50 for their islandwide delivery which costs S$14, flat. But it’s free delivery for orders above $112.50.

Order here.

Facebook | Instagram
???? 22 Scotts Rd, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore 228221
????️ 11am – 9pm

Wong Chiew Restaurant

Photo: @wongchiew/instagram

For a no-frills dim sum feast, Wong Chiew Restaurant will be right up your alley. The humble restaurant sells affordably priced dim sum from S$2, with roasted meat such as pork and duck. The standard dim sum items such as Char Siew Rice Roll (S$3.90) and Beancurd Meat Roll (S$3.40) can also be found on the menu.

Island-wide delivery fees vary depending on location and there is no minimum order. For orders above S$60, the delivery fees are waived.

Order here.

Facebook | Instagram
????  19 Sembawang Road, Singapore, 779075
????️ 6.15am–11.45pm (Pickup)
????️ 11.30am–10pm (Mon–Fri), 11.30–12.30pm, 12.30–5pm, 5pm–8pm (Sat, Sun)

Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant

Photo: @hungrybae/instagram

While we would love to dine in at Majestic Bay for the ambience at the Flower Dome, it’s equally nice to have their tasty dim sum at home. Spice lovers would love the heat from the Steamed Spicy Prawn Wantons (S$6.30/5pcs) but the highlight has to be their Steamed Yellow Duckling Buns with Melted Chocolate (S$6.30/3pcs) — looking all majestic bae.

There is a minimum spend of S$85, for a flat delivery fee of S$5.

Order here.

Facebook | Instagram
???? Gardens by The Bay, Below Flower Dome, 18 Marina Gardens, #01-10, Singapore, 018953
????️ Pickup: 11am–7:30pm (Daily), Delivery: 12:30pm–4pm, 6pm–9:30pm (Daily)

Man Fu Yuan

Photo: InterContinental Singapore

Man Fu Yuan is yet another up-scale restaurant that churns out high-quality dim sum. But unlike other restaurants in the same tier, their dim sum is delivered frozen which is great for those who want to have good dim sum readily available. You can stock up on items like their Carrot Cake with Chinese Sausage (S$22/800g) and Custard Bun (S$20/12pcs) to enjoy anytime.

There is a minimum spend of S$50, but delivery fee is fixed at S$15.

Order here.

Facebook | Instagram
???? 80 Middle Road Level 2 InterContinental Singapore, Singapore 188966
????️ 12:pm–4pm, 6pm–9pm (Daily)

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