New Softhaus ice cream bar has 16 flavours & over 20 toppings such as cotton candy, handcrafted macarons, & speculoos

by Natalie Lim

A comforting bowl of plain ol’ ice cream can set a day right, but sometimes, we want something completely over-the-top to reward ourselves for a hard day of work. If you find yourself having a monstrosity of an appetite for all things sweet, visit Softhaus, a new ice cream bar that serves up 16 unique flavours with over 20 toppings.

Softhaus in Great World

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But before we dive in, it is to note that Softhaus isn’t just any run-off-the-mill ice cream parlour. Founded by Janice Wong, a celebrated dessert chef and also the owner of the famous 2am: dessert bar, the ice cream flavours here took half a year of research and development before being launched.

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Since ice cream should be a universal treat, flavours include four sorbets, six keto-friendly, and five vegan-friendly options, so there’s something for everyone.

There are fruity choices such as the Strawberry Sorbet and Yuzu Sorbet, and there’s also the Avocado banana — a heavenly combination of a creamy mouthfeel with subtly sweet notes.

For the people who’d like to play it safe, Softhaus offers the usual options such as Cookies & Cream, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, and Hazelnut too.

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Each scoop of ice cream costs S$6 or S$7, depending on the flavour you choose. As much as you’d like to load on the ice cream, there’s a maximum of three scoops in a single order.

However, you can choose to have your treat in a cup, or enjoy it on a Cone (S$1) or a Waffle Bowl (S$1.50) for extra indulgence.

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Once you’ve chosen your desired flavour, head on to the toppings section. Glass jars and towers hold a myriad of candy choices, guaranteed to excite even the adults. 

Over 20 choices are available, with offerings such as Popcorn (S$0.50), Iced Gem Biscuits (S$0.50), Cotton Candy (S$1), and even the raved Speculoos (S$0.50). Choose wisely, though. You’re only allowed to pile up a maximum of three toppings!

Each topping is then meticulously arranged by hand, so this is one scoop that’ll probably end up on the gram’.

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Located at Basement One of the newly revamped Great World, Softhaus is a whimsical ice cream bar that’s hard to miss. Though only takeaways are available, they’re working on a sit-in concept that’ll allow all Singaporeans to sit back and enjoy their cup of happiness once the pandemic cases dwindle. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram
📍 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #B1-K135, Great World, Singapore 237994
🗓️ 10am–10pm (Daily)

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