Well Played is a new board games cafe with booze & mains for 5-pax game night

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With the Safe Management Measures (SMM) easing up, and here’s to not jinxing it, the hunt for new things to do in sunny Singapore resumes. If you enjoyed our mega list of , here’s one more place to add to the agenda — an all-new board games cafe for a time of good fun and somewhere to plant yourselves for the next few hours.

Well Played is a new cafe located near Jalan Besar MRT station, with lots of games, food, and even booze to make your game nights just that extra bit more fun.


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A quick look around the space is all you need to take in the rustic hues, wood-heavy furnishing, and generally warm lights that make it easy to feel right at home, right away. Rows of fairy lights are also strung across the interior, dousing the area in chill vibes.

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Wide selection of games

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It boasts shelves filled with just about any board game you can think of — so Avalon nights and Munchkin afternoons will never be the same again.

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The classics like Codenames and Monopoly can of course be found here as well, though if you’re looking to switch it up and give other types of board games a go, you can always approach their Game Masters on hand. They’re trained and well-versed in curating the perfect games for your friend group, and teaching them to you as well.

Tapas, mains & brunch

well played
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For light bites in between games, there’s the option of going for tapas such as Prawn Fritters (S$13.90), the classic Truffle Fries (S$9.20), and Calamari (S$11.70) to keep the munchies at bay while you focus on sabotaging your friends.

well played
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Otherwise, if you’re planning to have your meal while you play, then allow me to direct your attention to the mains menu where you’ll find the Crispy Spiced Chicken Burger (S$14.50), Prime Rib Eye Steak (S$25.90), and even their brunch selection serving Scrabbles Benedicts (S$12.90).

Alcoholic & non-alcoholic selections

well played
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Whatever your poison might be, you’ve got to stay hydrated bestie, and you can start by picking something out for yourself from Well Played’s extensive drinks menu. Bottled beers such as Peroni, Corona, and Heineken start from S$8 each, while craft beers like Brewlander Joy, Crossroads Session IPA, and Rossl Bier go at S$12 each. Alternatively, fun cocktails like Garden City (S$17) and Frozen Strawberry Lime Margherita (S$15) are also available.

well played
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For the non-drinkers, there are brewed teas (S$6.90) and shakes (S$6.90) for your choosing, and even mocktails (from S$8) if you’d like to join in the fun without the possibility of a hangover.

Well Played
Facebook | Instagram | Website
???? 109A Rowell Rd, Singapore 208033
???? 6pm–11pm (Tue to Thu), 4pm–11pm (Fri), 11am–11pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Mon

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