Won Dae Song is a new Korean-inspired cafe near Bangkok that feels like you’re in Jeju Island in Thailand

won dae song

It’s been a while since most of us have been to Bangkok, so it’s time to catch up on all the fun new things to do in Bangkok (hello, Won Dae Song!) before our inevitable trip back to the Land of Smiles

won dae song
Photos: @go_out_now_or_never/instagram, @romrawinbaifernn/instagram

One of the latest attractions top on our list that local Thais have been enjoying is Won Dae Song, a Korean-inspired cafe near Bangkok that’s been specifically designed to make you feel like you’re in Jeju Island itself.

Photos: @go_out_now_or_never/instagram

This vibrant cafe and its surroundings are filled to the brim with photo opportunities around every corner.

won dae song
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Take photos amidst the colourful flowers, and vivid-hued cherry blossom trees and maple trees or sit on the flower throne. 

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Then wander around the area and spot No Face, the iconic Studio Ghibli character from Spirited Away (or even the creepy robot doll from the famed Korean Netflix series Squid Game).

won dae song
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Otherwise, climb up the ‘stairway to heaven’ and get a photo up in the clouds or with the glorious views.

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Set against a mountainous backdrop, this Korean-inspired cafe provides views for days (and a variety of stunning photos to fill your Insta-feed).

won dae song
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Another highlight of this place is the Hanbok rental (S$8/200 Baht) available so you can dress up and feel like you’re truly in Korea/Jeju, just for a day.

Photos: @_cchita.m1/instagram, @go_out_now_or_never/instagram

Choose whichever Hanbok colour you want, and feel free to rent other accessories or props too. 

won dae song
Photos: @fattaf_/instagram, @romrawinbaifernn/instagram

Once you’re done exploring the place and discovering all the little hidden details, head into the cafe for a delicious Korean meal (from S$2.77 to S$7.18/69 to 179 Baht). 

You can expect signature bites such as Won Dae Song Fried Chicken and other staples like Kimchi Fried Rice, Teokbokki and more on the menu. For drinks, we hear that the banana and cantaloupe milk available are really refreshing and recommended!

Photos: @toeygampong2015/instagram, @natsuyanapat/instagram

If you’re planning to head down to Bangkok soon, consider checking out this new Korean landmark just 2.5 hours away in gorgeous Kanchanaburi.

PS: There are tons of idyllic and IG-worthy floating resorts, restaurants and activities around Kanchanaburi to explore too!

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