Breakfast Club opens retro diner at Holland Village with rosti from S$6.90 & all-day breakfast

by Evan Mua
breakfast club singaproe holland village

Remember Breakfast Club, the hawker stall that became an internet sensation for selling cheap Western breakfast food including affordable rosti that cost as little as S$5.90? Well, they’ve recently opened a second outlet at Holland Village and this new Breakfast Club is cooler than the old one.

How is it cooler? Well, you know that trendy retro American diner decor that everybody has been going crazy over? Yeah, Breakfast Club’s Holland Village outlet looks just like something you see out of an American teen drama.

breakfast club singaproe holland village
Photo: (1)Breakfast Club, (2) Alwyn Tan/google maps

If you’re here for some of their crispy rosti, rest assured that they’re keeping it equally as affordable at the Holland Village outlet — there’s a slight price increase but hey, you get to eat in aircon instead of in a kopitiam.

You can head down to Breakfast Club’s Holland Village outlet to get some breakfast in the chic diner vibes, with choices of plain Rosti (S$6.90) or Rosti with Sausage and Egg (S$9.90). Or if you’re a salmon fan, you can add on Salmon for S$3.50 as well!

breakfast club singaproe holland village
Photo: @littlejoys.jpg/instagram

But other than that, the Holland Village cafe also has an expanded menu that features more breakfast options and even a milkshake category so you immerse yourself in some Riverdale vibes. One thing that’s gone from the new menu is the pasta, which will still be available at Kovan.

You can expect Breakfast Club’s trademark affordability in their all-day breakfast dishes at Holland Village, with most of it below S$15 and many under S$10.

breakfast club singaproe holland village
Photo: Breakfast Club

For the ultimate breakfast indulgence, simply get one of their All-Star Plates (S$12.90) that’s chock-full of decadent goodies such as french toast, tater tots, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, baked beans, and maple syrup — you can even get some fluffy Pancakes if you wish, for only S$1.

Other hearty selections here include the rich and tangy Shakshuka (S$7.90), cheesy Grilled Cheese Sando (S$9.90), and the classic combo of Fried Chicken & Waffle ($11.90).

Photo: Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club also introduced an Eggs Potato Purée (S$7.90) at their Holland Village outlet similar to Egg Slut‘s infamous Slut, if you’re too lazy to head down and queue.

If you’re looking to quench your thirst, then you can also get their creamy milkshakes which comes in flavours such as the salted caramel Goldilocks (S$11.90), chocolatey Big Bang (S$12.90), and the fruity Strawberry Paddlepop (S$9.90).

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