Breakfast Club offers all-day breakfast rosti from $5.90 in Kovan Kopitiam

by Evan Mua

Kaya toast and eggs are normally the first things that come to mind when talking about breakfast in a Kopitiam. Breakfast Club, however, is revolutionising Kopitiam breakfasts by offering something new.

It’s unlikely many of us eat Rosti for breakfast, we eat Roti instead. What Breakfast Club offer is breakfast in a Kopitiam, done Angmoh style. Quite a cute and novel concept of marrying Western classics to our beloved hawker culture.

breakfast club singapore kovan

North-East residents would be happy to hear it’s situated in a coffee shop just 5 minutes away from Kovan MRT. This means Breakfast Club a great breakfast spot if you’re ever craving rosti in the morning.

Furthermore, Breakfast Club is found near to the established Lolla’s Café, providing a wallet-friendly alternative. Cafe food doesn’t always have to be expensive!

breakfast club singapore breakfast plate
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That is especially true when you look at their Breakfast Plate, with its wallet-friendly price tag of S$9.90. Café hoppers would squirm in glee — breakfast plates normally cost a good bit more than that.

Breakfast Club loads each plate with a mound of ingredients. You’d get Scrambled Eggs, Hash Brown, Sauteed Mushrooms, Baked Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Bratwurst, and two bright yellow pieces of Maple French Toast.

If that hearty ensemble of comfort food wasn’t enough for your tummy, you can add on Bacon for just S$2.

breakfast club singapore rosti

Breakfast Club’s other star item is their Rosti with Sausage and Egg ($8.90). But you can also get it plain for just S$5.90 or only with sausage for S$7.90.

Who’s even seen Rosti in a coffee shop before? Not to mention the affordable price point, especially since they make their own Rosti in-house.

breakfast club singapore chicken chop

Though if you want something meatier, their Chicken Chop (S$7.90) could be a good choice. It’s a more traditional local Western style of chicken chop, in comparison to the rest of the Breakfast Club menu.

This baby comes with a big slab of boneless chicken thigh drenched in a generous pool of brown sauce. An if that wasn’t filling enough, there’s also a side of fries and a scoop of potato salad, topped with bacon bits.

Photo: @okwhootookmyysername/instagram

However, if you’re the type who prefers the simple pleasures in life — you might be drawn to Breakfast Club’s Pancakes for just S$3.90.

Nothing fancy, just a homely stack of three pancakes with a sweet sweet finish of maple syrup and butter. But really, S$3.90 is a solid price that even McDonald’s can’t match.

So, if you’re looking for a more interesting breakfast option in the North East, consider joining the Breakfast Club. Singapore traditional kaya breakfasts will always have a place in our hearts, but sometimes our stomachs demand some Rosti for breakfast.

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