Escape reality with these 6 best free simulator games available on iPhone and Android

by Kylynn Seng

I’m not much of a gamer, but sometimes I just want to step back and take a little breather from well, life. If you’re like me, it can be really relaxing to engage in some mindless games or even indulge in your dream life for a while. Well, here are the best 6 free simulator games for you to do just that!

1. Hogwarts Mystery

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Photo: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter fans, this one’s for you. Choose your house, earn magical spells, duel rivals and so much more in one of the most popular free simulator games. You’ll experience what life is like as a student in Hogwarts, and even uncover mysteries that lie within the wizarding world. 

Available on iPhone and Android.

2. Bitlife

Photo: Bitlife

Ever wanted the chance to explore all those “what ifs”? Bitlife closely mimics our day-to-day experiences with the opportunity to do and be practically anything you want. Whether you fancy being a teacher, actor, or even President, you’ll get to live multiple lives with do-overs anytime you like — unlike in our actual life.

Available on iPhone and Android.

3. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

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Photo: Good Pizza, Great Pizza

If you’ve ever looked at a pizza and wished that there was more pepperoni, cheese, or other toppings, this is your chance to make the perfect one. Good Pizza, Great Pizza offers you the chance to create and design your very own pizzas — plus, you can even work towards unlocking special ingredients. 

Available on iPhone and Android.

4. The Trail 

Photo: The Trail

This is one of the most aesthetic free simulator games that allows you to travel along a picturesque trail to find a place to settle down, trade items and even develop a community as you build your own business empire. It makes for a pretty relaxing playing experience with its simple mechanics, so you should defo check out The Trail if you’re looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Available on iPhone and Android.

5. Sunshine Days 

free simulator games
Photo: Sunshine Days

Are you a fan of wholesome games that bring out your inner designer (like Animal Crossing)? Sunshine Days allows you to customise your own house (RIP Bondee) and rejuvenate the beautiful village of Sunshine Valley as their assistant mayor. You’ll find the cutest characters, cosy locations and even a farm where you can grow your own crops. 

Available on iPhone and Android.

6. Cat Snack Bar 

Photo: Cat Snack Bar

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about those mindless games that always seem to comfort me. If you can relate, you might enjoy this one! Cat Snack Bar is an easy idle game that has a relatively simple gameplay — take orders, cook, gain profit, and expand. Seriously, just look at these cats! Need I say more? 

Available on iPhone and Android.

Ready to live your best life (online)? Download these free simulator games now!

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