Heaven Spot is a place for legal graffiti so the cops won’t hunt you down

by Vivian Ng

Spray cans out and we’re ready to rock and roll! Heaven Spot is the very first graffiti workshop in Singapore. This is a place where you can feel like an underground rebel without getting into trouble with the authorities.

Grunge, underground vibes at Heaven Spot

Photo: @heavenspotsg/Instagram

Whether you’re looking for an experience or a new Insta-worthy location, these grunge underground vibes will surely bring out that inner outlaw. Located in a dull and run-down industrial building near Potong Pasir, this slightly sus looking place has turned out to be the most vibrant location in the neighbourhood.

Be wowed by walls covered in abstract graffiti of all forms and colours — Singapore is in no short of talents. To decorate the place, strings of warm-coloured fairy lights hang overhead and a bold neon sign is plastered to add charm to this edgy-looking location. Loud, groovy tunes will also accompany you throughout your workshop experience. If you’re someone who gets inspired by the beats, this workshop is perfect for you.

Photo: @heavenspotsg/Instagram

Each person is given a surface with 30 square feet to paint on, and two spray paints of your choice. Ran out of paint? You can simply top up S$5 for every additional spray can, or add on S$12 to access a range of premium cans with epic shades. With a spray can in your hand and a wild imagination, the world is your canvas.

If you’d like to bring your art home, you can top up S$15 to paint an additional wooden board which is more portable. Otherwise, you can take a photo against your massive canvas — which is plenty to suffice for most of us as a keepsake.

Suitable for beginners

Photo: @heavenspotsg/Instagram

As graffiti art does not require precision in details, Heaven Spot’s workshop is great even for beginners. Most lines are spray painted thick and messy, while uneven lines give your art character. For those who have always been keen on going to art workshops, but never mustered enough courage to try — there’s no more excuse for you not to!

Staff guidance will be provided as well. They’ll highlight some spray painting techniques and perform demonstrations so you’ll know how to get started.

Protection gears provided

Photo: @heavenspotsg/Instagram

If you’re worried about tainting your apparels, Heaven Spot also provides basic protective gears like coveralls, which come with their workshop package. If you want a more comfortable experience, you can also rent a cool-looking gas mask with a top-up of S$5 to keep the fumes at bay.

Package fees at Heaven Spot

Heaven Spot charges the following for their 1-hour workshop:

1 pax – $40
2 pax – $78 ($39 per pax)
3 pax – $114 ($38 per pax)
4 pax – $148 ($37 per pax)
5 pax – $180 ($36 per pax)

The larger your group the larger the surface, and so would be the fees of the package. It’s truly a steal for those with large groups of friends (Editor’s note: can’t relate).

If this workshop has tempted you, do reserve your sessions in advance before heading down. Remember, there are no rules here other than to go wild and have fun!

Heaven Spot
Facebook | Instagram
???? 3 Lorong Bakar Batu, #03-01, Singapore 348741
????️ 5pm–10pm (Tue-Thur), 10am–9pm (Fri-Sun)

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