15 places and workshops in Singapore to unleash your inner artist

by Vivian Ng

Poster colour paints? Check. Wax paintings? Check. Graffiti? Check (legally, of course). If you’re an artistic soul craving for output, you must have felt the dread at some point for not having enough options to exhibit your artistic talents in Singapore.

Whether you’re wild at heart or a sophisticated artist, you’re bound to find something that’s right up your alley among this list of unconventional places and specialised art workshops. You know what they say—a little art goes a long, long way (or so I’ve been told).

1. Abstract splash paint art – Splat Paint House

Photo: Splat Paint House/Facebook

While flinging paint randomly at a wall may not be everyone’s idea of art, there is undoubtedly beauty in rapid motions and chaotic streaks thrown across studio walls and canvases.

As each sweeping motion is hard to replicate, every art piece created via this medium can proudly be declared as one of a kind.

When you enter Splat Paint House’s studio, a set of paint, a variety of mediums and equipment are given for the art jamming session. Artists are handed a set of protective equipment and jumpsuit before they begin splashing splot and streaks on their canvas.

Photo: @ivannavich/Instagram

Painting equipment includes squirt bottles, water guns, syringes, straws, ice cream sticks, and regular paint brushes. Artists who prefer controlled art with carefully planned strokes are more than welcome to do so—there is no boundary in the studio and everyone is allowed to creatively express through their paintings.

If you’re a fan of music, parties, and UV lights, check out Splat Paint House’s UV Parties where you get to party to the beat of contemporary music while lighting up the studio with UV paints.

Do note that visits are opened to appointments only, so make sure you snag a reservation slot before heading down to the studio.

Book here.

Splat Paint House
Facebook | Instagram
📍 207A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574346
Tel: 8163 0999

2. Neon sign light art – Make Your Own

Photo: Make Your Own/makeyourown.sg

Make Your Own is an art studio that introduces a new concept of Mixed Media art. It allows you to create your very own neon signs on painted canvas under the professional guidance of experienced trainers.

Photo: Make Your Own/makeyourown.sg

At the end of the 2 hours long session, you will learn how to twist and twirl these flexible neon LED light strips to form your ideal text or quote, which will then be carefully mounted on top of your painted canvas.

The workshop session comes with a complimentary set of art jamming project kit, consisting of a 30cm acrylic paint canvas, LED strip of your choice, and existing templates for you to mould your neon words on.

This also makes a cute gifting idea. Don’t miss the golden opportunity to top it off with a cheesy handwritten card that scripts, “You light up my world”!

A gentle reminder that this workshop is strictly appointment based and it is not a private workshop. Do check back on their website as availability is subject to the trainer’s confirmation.

Book here.

Make Your Own
Facebook | Instagram
📍 Blk 4 Upper Aljunied Lane, #01-06, Singapore 360004
Email: [email protected]

3. Punch needle workshop – Hueplay Studio

Photo: Hueplay Studio

While punch needling isn’t a foreign concept to many, Hueplay Studio gives it a much welcomed twist by allowing participants to create highly textured decor and coaster works.

This introduces a scaled level of modernity, enhancing the regular craft of traditional punch needle embroidery which has a more leveled surface.

Photo: Hueplay Studio

If this tickles your fancy but you’re stumped due to the lack of punch needling experience, you’d be thrilled to know that this workshop is beginner-friendly, where you’ll be guided by patient and professionally trained instructors.

There’s never a dull moment as you sit through intriguing and interactive tutorials with easy-to-follow instructions. In addition, you can opt to buy take home punch needle kits for future DIY refresher courses.

If you’re thinking about trying this out, we recommend just giving it a go! But before you head down, make sure you reserve a slot online first.

Book here.

Hueplay Studio
Facebook | Instagram
📍 183 Jln Pelikat, #B1-82/83, Singapore 537643
Tel: 8768 5861

4. Batik painting – Kamal Arts Ltd Workshop

Photo: Kamal Arts Ltd/Facebook

If you’d much prefer introducing some traditional elements to your artworks, Kamal Arts Ltd has something in store for you.

This hidden gem is a visual arts and teaching facility tucked away at Geylang Serai. The founder and trainer of this workshop has attained an array of enviable awards and participation, including a notable MA Contemporary Practice from the University of Huddersfield for his thesis: ‘Innovating Tradition – Batik Painting in Contemporary Art Practice’.

With 27 years of cumulative teaching experience, he ensures that all students are being looked out for. In this workshop, you will learn the skills of batik painting ranging from basic to intermediate levels. Rest assured that all materials will be provided, so all you have to do is sit in and let your creative juices flow.

To check out their classes and services, click here. Do ring them up at 6344 3369 to pre-reserve a slot as classes are held by appointment basis.

Kamal Arts Ltd
📍 Wisma Geylang Serai, #04-05/06, Singapore 408528
Tel: 6344 3369

5. Terrarium workshop – Crafts for Green

Photo: Crafts for Green/craftsforgreen.com

Among this list sits a crafty workshop that favours plant lovers like myself. Scoop up a handful of pebbles and doll-up your terrarium where your little plant friends will thrive!

Disclaimer: There is something unduly satisfying about planting these tiny succulent’s roots under soil, then filling in the glass dome with aesthetically graced decorations.

Photo: Crafts for Green/craftsforgreen.com

Craving for some variety? This workshop also provides a range of curriculum that runs the gamut from dried flowers workshop and globe terrarium, to bigger projects like large rectangular tank mossarium.

The smaller terrariums make cute and dainty gifts, so you can consider saving one aside to honour an unbeLEAFable relationship. A gift made in the Succulent/cacti Terrarium Workshop could make a subtle hint that you’re ready to take it from cactI to cactUS.

Book here.

Crafts for Green
Facebook | Instagram
📍 41 Jalan Pemimpin Kong Beng Industrial Building, Singapore 577186
Tel: 9177 8587 (For urgent enquiries)

6. Paper floral Workshop – Miss Petal & Bloom

Photo: Miss Petal & Bloom/misspetalandbloom.com

Since we’re on the discussion of plants, why not consider creating flowers out of crepe paper? Mind you, this is no origami—every petal of these flowers is delicately cut and individually sculpted to create an exuberant bloom.

Photo: Miss Petal & Bloom/misspetalandbloom.com

Miss Petal & Bloom is a crepe flower workshop that teaches you how to create intricate flower designs such as simple peony, coral charm peony, closed peony, and rose.

Access their library of free online content, or book a private and personalised workshop session to learn in a more intimate setting. In these private sessions, individuals can choose to have these sessions from the comfort of their own home or from Miss Petal & Bloom’s home studio at Beauty World.

Go funky with your designs; we challenge you to think outside the box and design a creative bouquet from scratch!

Book here.

Miss Petal & Bloom
Facebook | Instagram
📍 Varies according to selected workshop
Email: [email protected]

7. Flower Arrangement Workshop – Dawn Q. Floral Design

Photo: @dawnqflowers/Instagram

Not a fan of fake flowers? Try arranging some real ones instead. Stringing a bouquet is no easy feat when there are so many options of flowers to choose from. Beginners like myself would undisputedly require coaching to make a bunch of seasonal flowers look enticing.

Photo: Dawn Q. Floral Design/dawnq.com

Learn useful floral arrangement techniques at Dawn Q and Floral Design pertaining to colour theory, textures and layering to make your designs pop. Demonstration, guidance, and feedback are all within reach, ensuring a rewarding and productive session.

Sit in a session with passionate instructors that will impart knowledge on how to design a hand-tied bouquet versus a bouquet in vase.

If the idea of Floral Jamming appeals to you, don’t hesitate to call them up and book a timeslot as their dates and timings are flexible. However, do take note that the workshop is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Dawn Q Floral Design
Facebook | Instagram
📍 62 Ubi road 1, #05-13, Singapore 408734
Tel: 9179 6689

8. Clay Miniature Workshop – Tinkle Arts Pte Ltd

Photo: Tinkle Arts Pte Ltd/Facebook

Croissants, curry puffs, kimchi and kueh lapis—these are the items you can expect to pinch out of a soft, fluid piece of clay at Tinkle Arts

Tinkle Arts is a social enterprise that has partnered up with MINDS, organising workshops and events for miniature clay designs, including adorable creations like mini brooches and magnets.

Photo: Tinkle Arts Pte Ltd/Facebook

While these complex 1:12 scale miniature clay designs may appear daunting to people with larger hands, you’d be pleased to know that all relevant materials and tools are supplied to create items needed to progress through the lesson agenda. This means that you’ll be able to craft out smaller details with the help of specialised equipment, instead of fussing and getting unduly frustrated over the intricacies of things.

If you’re keen on joining them for a miniature clay jamming session, you can buy their E-voucher which is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Workshops have to be booked at least 2 weeks in advance as projects require prior planning and discussion.

Buy here.

If you wish to support their cause, you can browse through their miniature designs, sculpting tools, and equipment here.

Tinkle Arts Pte Ltd
Facebook | Instagram
📍 800 Margaret Drive, Singapore 149310
Tel: 8688 5970

9. Leather crafting workshop – Atelier Lodge

Photo: Atelier Lodge Leathercraft Academy/atelierlodge.com

Atelier Lodge Leathercraft Academy teaches leather craftsmanship to beginners, and refine existing skills of experienced individuals.

Photo: Atelier Lodge Leathercraft Academy/atelierlodge.com

Be spoiled by their library of courses and be astounded at leather’s versatility. Aside from sewing basic pouches and wallets, you’re also able to create durable leather bags and straps. Pick a workshop between Basic or Intermediate Leathercraft categories and book a class—this grants access to top quality leather, hand stitching thread, and crafting tools ready for some practical hands on. “Craft at Home” kits are also available for students who want to practice in their free time from the comfort of their own homes.

Book here.

Atelier Lodge Leathercraft Academy
Facebook | Instagram
📍 46 Lorong 17 Geylang, #05-03, Singapore 388568
Tel: 6396 4568

10. Resin and acrylic pour art – Room to Imagine

Photo: Room To Imagine/roomtoimagine.sg

Room To Imagine is a haven where creatives come together and experiment with materials artistically.

Photo: Room To Imagine/roomtoimagine.sg

This workshop has variations of resin and acrylic paint lessons available to boggle your mind. Try creating the famous The Starry Night by Van Gogh using resin on art platters, or even on the surface of a coffee table—this workshop is truly a perfect fusion between practicality and modern design.

Photo: Room To Imagine/roomtoimagine.sg

For purveyors of paints and abstract artwork, acrylic pour art should seem familiar to you. If you’re more interested in the good ol’ acrylic pour art that came into trend in recent years, you can also look forward to designing a fully functional clock. Alternatives like acrylic pour coasters and dishes workshops are also available for keepsake.

Expect fully personalised guidance from instructors in a cozy studio environment when you sign up for a programme. There is no experience required to get started—all you need is your boundless imagination to begin.

Book here.

Room to Imagine
Facebook | Instagram
📍 395 Jalan Besar, #04-01, Singapore 209006
Email: [email protected]

11. Typewriter artistry workshop – Pixel Artbox Studio

Photo: Pixel Artbox Studio/Facebook

Whether it’s bright red high heels, polka dot dresses, vinyls or film, there’s a ravishing charm about vintage classics. As the world reverts stylistically to the 1950s, why not introduce a DIY statement piece created with a fancy typewriter?

Pixel Artbox Studio is a social enterprise that introduces an Avant Garde approach to mixed media art. They have been featured on the news for creatively combining typewriters into painted artwork in a visually dynamic fashion.

Photo: Pixel Artbox Studio/Facebook

Artists get 30 minutes to use the vintage typewriter however they’d like, with an optional beginner or maintenance introduction available for typewriter fans. Before you get too excited typing away at the typewriters, remember to take a pause and start off slow if you’re not used to this medium. There is no backspace or undo button as every alphabet gets printed on paper as soon as you hit the keys.

Conceptualise your art piece and paint in a background with acrylic paint supplied to you during the workshop, then proudly show it off to all your hipster friends.

Book here.

Pixel Artbox Studio
Facebook | Instagram
📍 Blk 411A Fernvale Road, Singapore 791411
Tel: 9386 1081

12. Virtual Reality painting workshop – Fantasium Group

Photo: Fantasium Group/fantasium.group

For the polar opposite tech-geeks and futuristic individuals who want to try out something new, Fantasium Art is the thing for you.

Fantasium Group is a roving company that incorporates their technology with art shows, exhibits, and private and corporate events. You may have seen some of their works and participation at Voilah! Festival and Singapore Art Week 2020.

Unleash your limitless creative freedom in Fantasium Art as artists tap into the exploration of the immersive VR world, where you can freely paint and experiment with texture brushes in 3D virtual reality.

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, their workshops are temporarily suspended till further notice. However, Corporate and personal events are still available for booking. We hope to see them return in the near future.

Fantasium Group (Office)
📍 43A Beach Rd, Level 2, Singapore 189681

13. Floral Press Workshop – Sense of Arts

Photo: Sense of Arts/Samuel Wong

What do you do with the Valentine’s Day bouquet that has passed their ‘fresh-by’ date? How about turning them into bookmarks?

Sense of Arts’ Community Pressed Flowers Project is a joint collaboration with Family Service Center, which empowers needy families, mothers with care-giving issues, as well as individuals with disabilities by giving them supplemental income opportunities through organising these flower print workshops.

Photo: Sense of Arts/senseofarts.com

These workshops are tailored for beginners, walking you through the theory of flower pressing and the basics of curating your very own pressed flower designs. You can choose to decorate a bookmark or the cover of a notebook in this 2-hour workshop with recycled, real flowers.

Remember that bouquet we mentioned earlier? I’m sure the trainers would not mind their students having an extra selection of flowers to work on. So bring them along if you have a bouquet lying around.

If art jamming with a social cause sounds appealing to you, don’t hesitate to sign up for their workshop. You can also support them by purchasing their DIY kits to work on your masterpiece from home.

Book here.

Sense of Arts
Facebook | Instagram
📍 At trainer’s appointed venue
📍 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #27-15, Singapore 079903 (Office)
Tel: 9645 5417

 14. Fused glass art – Goodman Glass Studio

Photo: Goodman Glass Studio/goodmanglassstudio.com

You may have seen folks on Netflix melting pieces of coloured glass, subsequently turning them into beautiful plates and jars. While those seemed all too foreign, did you know that you can learn those skills in Singapore as well?

Goodman Glass Studio is a unique studio that teaches regular people like you and I to design creative fused glass art. For those who are open to this unique experience, the studio is open for exploration classes, where you can access a diverse range of glass pieces that can be fused into artistic mosaics.

Photo: Goodman Glass Studio/goodmanglassstudio.com

Have we mentioned that there will be no paint in these classes? Yes you read it right—100% glass. Gradients and colours will all be created using fragments and finely grinded pieces of glass, which will then be fused into a stunning piece of glass work. Specialised equipment and machines will be available to equip you as a true craftsman.

For the ones who want to delve deeper into this form of traditional art, the studio has a detailed outline of courses that are recommended for students of different skill levels. Professional guidance will also be provided by specialists, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Book here.

Goodman Glass Studio
📍 90 Goodman Road, Block F&G, #01-37, Singapore 439053
Tel: 6346 6351

15. Concrete art workshop – Concrete Everything

Photo: Concrete Everything/concrete-everything.com

Same concept as Goodman Glass Studio, but now with concrete—this is a less fragile version with just as much vibrancy and excitement to offer.

Photo: Concrete Everything/concrete-everything.com

Concrete Everything is a workshop that embraces experimentation with colours, materials and medium. Over the years, they have expanded their concept to include fun materials such as jesmonite and resin.

Marbled coaster, marbled tray, galaxy terrazzo clock, desk lamp, and green planter are some selections you can choose to create. Hence, if you’ve got a concrete plan to create something from scratch, this workshop is the one for you.

Book here.

Concrete Everything
Facebook | Instagram
📍 37 Jln Pemimpin, MAPEX Building, #03-10, Singapore 577177
Tel: 8688 8186

If you’re looking for more exploration beyond the art scope, read 8 Malls in Singapore you didn’t know exist but you should.

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