Singapore Quarry is a hidden nature spot that looks like Seoul’s Baegundae Peak

by Vivian Ng

Delicious savouries and modern K-pop culture steal all the highlight in Korea. However, it’s not uncommon for tourists to visit South Korea for its outdoor nature. For the wanderlusts whose travel urge has been tingling for god knows how long — we’ve found Singapore Quarry, a hidden trek that looks like Seoul’s Baegundae Peak, so you can relive some of your Korean dreams.

Seoul’s Baegundae Peak

If you have not been to the Baegundae Peak, this is how the popular mountainous terrain looks like.

Photo: Damon Tighe/Flickr

The rocky walls of these mountains are lined with healthy green plants and mosses. This combination complements each other perfectly for a down-to-earth vibe.

Photo: @hayoyi/Instagram

This is a popular spot for routine hikers in Seoul. It is known for its million-dollar view of the beautiful nature that oversees far and beyond.

Singapore Quarry

Photo: @luisegarc/Instagram

Singapore’s equivalent, Singapore Quarry, nestles between Dairy Farm Nature Park and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The most notable similarity to Seoul’s Baegundae Peak is its edgy, towering cliffs blanketed with green moss and plants. For those who are interested in visiting this quarry, this scenic spot is only a stone’s throw away from the Rail Mall.

Enveloped in rich nature and lush greenery, Singapore Quarry is surrounded by lofty cliffs and a tranquil lake. Undoubtedly, this place is picture-perfect for attractive Instagram posts. Furthermore, the reflective water also gives an aesthetic mirror effect that makes your photos interesting.

Photo: @charles.yjx/Instagram

Instead of chunky rocks, Singapore Quarry has sturdy boards and rails extended into the water that gives you firm support. This thoughtful feature guarantees that perfect shot against the giant cliffs. The area is always welcomed with a gentle breeze caressing through the lake, so you won’t be perspiring much at this hidden hangout.

Sure, we may not be as high up as the mountainous treks in Seoul, but we can still have our mini parties replicating travel moments. Let’s all hope that we can travel again soon.

On your way there, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the rare animal breeds that live at the Singapore Quarry!

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