Just opened: Korean desserts cafe Haengbok Cakeyo is a new happy spot for sweets lovers

by Evan Mua
haengbok cakeyo singapore

What sparks joy? For some, it’s love, a family, a career but for others — it’s decadent sweets. Haengbok Cakeyo is a new Korean desserts cafe at Kampong Bahru specialising in intricate Korean bakes like Fatcarons, likely to send sweets lovers to heaven.

Even their name, Haengbok Cakeyo, is a smart double entendre that sounds similar to “happiness” in Korean.

What sparks even more joy is how you can easily hop to other cool neighbours like Strangers’ Reunion and the new Three Point Two.

haengbok cakeyo singapore
Photo: @nanatangbakes/instagram

As far as the shop space goes, it’s a smaller takeaway space but beautifully decked in colours and flowers. The most eye-catching fixture inside has to be the pink neon sign at the entrance — your next OOTD spot?

Of course, the main thing to get at Haengbok Cakeyo is their Macarons, which they named K-Style Fatcarons.

haengbok cakeyo singapore fat macarons
Photo: @ yongweikai/instagram

However, if you want to amp up the decadence, they also have K-Style Fatfatcarons (S$5.80/pc, S$19.80/4pc) which are basically macarons with thicker filling.

Haengbok Cakeyo came up with some interesting flavours for them such as Double Citron, Blueberry, Matcha, Strawberry, and Oreo Cheesecake.

But the most interesting ones have to be the local-inspired Orh Nee and Ondeh Ondeh. All of these Fatfatcarons are stuffed with filling and intricately embellished, definitely a great gift idea for dessert lovers.

haengbok cakeyo singapore korean desserts singapore
Photo: @foodieggy/instagram

For the K-Style Macarons, regular filling size goes for S$3 per piece or S$15.80 for 6 pieces.

These come in 6 different flavours, namely Mango, Speculoos, Pistachio, Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Raspberry.

Photo: @yongweikai/instagram

Other than the macarons, Haengbok Cakeyo also sells these mouth-watering Chubby Cookies ($5.80/pc, S$14.80/3pcs).

These monstrously thicccc parcels of richness are available in Pandan Gula Melaka, Red Velvet, Choco Chip, and Double Chocolate.

These are the denser and chewier variety, for those who are sick of the gooey cookies that are so popular everywhere.

Photo: @thequirkyfoodie/instagram

Alternatively, if you want fluffier desserts, they also serve up cakes as their name suggests. There’s the small but absolutely adorably presented Mini Chiffon Cake (S$9.80).

These are a throwback to the bento cakes that were so popular a while back — a light fluffy cake layer at the base, beautifully topped with cream then put in a small “bento box”.

Definitely worth making a trip down if you have a massive sweet tooth, or just love Korean desserts in general. Everything is so beautifully made, you might even have a hard time trying to eat them!

Haengbok Cakeyo
Facebook | Instagram
???? 41 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 168358
????️ 11am–7pm (Thurs–Mon)

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