Khoi Grill & Hotpot By Imperial Saigon has authentic Vietnamese BBQ and hotpot great for chillin’ and grillin’

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If you’ve never tried Vietnamese BBQ before, or you have but you’re looking for a new place to eat and chill with friends… Or even if you’re simply looking for the perfect late-night supper spot, Khoi Grill & Hotpot By Imperial Saigon at Jalan Besar is the place you need to be.

khoi grill
Photos: Khoi Grill & Hotpot

Open till 4am daily, here’s where you’ll find a wide selection of authentic Vietnamese fare. “Khoi” means smoked in Vietnamese and true to the name, all BBQs are served with a piping hot charcoal pot for that aromatic smoky flavour – and your grilled meats come out crisp and oh-so-tender.

Photos: @kevin_the_hiak/instagram and Khoi Grill & Hotpot

If you’re hankering for nothing but meat, choose between combo sets or a la carte dishes from their Grill Menu. All BBQ meats are marinated in-house with authentic Vietnamese spices. Combo platters start from S$38 to S$88 and include a selection of beef shank, striploin, yakiniku sliced boneless short ribs, pork belly, chicken wings and more. 

khoi grill
Photos: @khoigrillsg/instagram

Otherwise, hotpot options are available too with options such as duck hotpot, herbal oxtail hotpot, catfish with sour bamboo shoots hotpot, stewed chilli chicken hotpot and others.

Photos: Khoi Grill & Hotpot

The menu offers a wide variety of dishes to try as well, from standard Viet dishes to the more unusual ones like lemongrass steamed snails, grilled snails with chilli and salt, salted fried crab pincers, crispy fried butter quail and lotus stem salad to name a few. 

khoi grill
Photos: Khoi Grill & Hotpot

Cosy and comfortable, Khoi Grill & Hotpot is the perfect spot to chill and grill with friends, family or your date whether you’re here for dinner or a really late supper – as you enjoy the food and a drink or two, with beers and soju available too.

Photos: Khoi Grill & Hotpot

PS: They also have Watermelon Soju that’s not on the menu and upon request only if you’d like a refreshing quencher!

PS: If you’re looking for the legendary Vietnamese Egg Coffee, you should totally check out Cafe Le Vie 5.

Khoi Grill & Hotpot By Imperial Saigon
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???? 283 Jln Besar, Singapore 208946
???? 3pm – 4am (Mon to Sun) 

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