Le Cafe Vie5 is a hidden gem serving up legendary Vietnamese Egg Coffee and authentic Viet food in Singapore

le cafe vie 5

Some of the best things about travelling are the intoxicating new experiences we stumble into, and the delicious new food we find as we wander through different destinations for the first time.

Unfortunately, our time is mostly limited when travelling and we aren’t quite able to try everything we might have wanted to. Case in point, I was on the lookout for the famous Vietnamese Egg Coffee just recently when I was in Ho Chi Minh, but flew back to Singapore without ever getting a taste of this legendary drink.

le cafe vie5
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Only now that I’m back in Singapore have I just discovered that we’re able to find this famous Vietnamese coffee right here on our sunny isle.

Enter Le Cafe Vie5, a hidden Viet gem in Taiseng serving up speciality Vietnamese coffee and authentic Viet food.

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The star of the show here at Le Cafe Vie for me has to be the Vietnamese Egg Coffee. It was first created in Hanoi in 1946 when there was a milk shortage due to the French War and an innovative local whisked egg into coffee as a much-needed substitute for milk. 

le cafe vie5
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His creation resulted in a delectable dessert-like coffee topped with an unexpectedly airy, rich and silky sweet foam, and it has been said to taste somewhat like a coffee-flavoured Cadbury Crème Egg.

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Apart from the oh-so-creamy Egg Coffee, you can also find other freshly brewed coffees and house-roasted coffee beans as well. No surprise there, since Vietnam is famous for its coffee.

le cafe vie5
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Food-wise, you can expect to find staple Viet dishes such as freshly made Spring Rolls, Banh Mi, Beef Pho, and the must-try House Special Crab Rolls. Other recommended eats by the chef include Crispy Quails (best with chilled beer, Merlot or Pinot Noir), and Prawn Noodle Soup!

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If you’re craving an adventure or have been bitten hard by the wanderlust bug, make it a date and head on over to Le Cafe Vie5. Here’s where you can easily travel to Hanoi for an afternoon without leaving Singapore!

Le Cafe Vie5
Facebook | Instagram | Website
???? 151 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 534851
???? 10am – 9pm (Wed to Sun)

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