Just opened: party with kawaii friends at the Kumoya Sumikkogurashi pop-up

by Evan Mua
Kumoya Sumikkogurashi pop-up

Popular cartoon-themed café Kumoya is receiving another facelift at their Orchard Central outlet. This time, it’s the adorable cast of Sumikkogurashi that are taking over at Kumoya.

The limited time event will start from 12 March, and will be a limited-time event like all previous pop-ups.

kumoya sumikkogurashi

Sumikkogurashi are a set of characters from popular Japanese company San-X, who are behind classic characters like Rilakkuma.

In fact the previous resident at Kumoya, who had bid goodbye on 9 Mar, was Rilakumma.


Kumoya has transformed the space by plastering cute wall decals and populating it with adorable Sumikkogurashi plushies.

These “so-fluffy-I’m-gonna-die” plushies are also available for purchase at the retail area, if you fall in love with them and want to cuddle them to sleep at night.

For those in bigger groups, there’s also a cosy private room at the back with floormats and decked in cute plushie stacks.

When it comes to the food at this Kumoya Sumikkogurashi pop-up, it’s all intricately designed by award-winning food artist Shirley Wong (@littlemissbento).

In particular, her kooky and kawaii style really shines through in the beautifully-staged main plates.

For example, the Gone Fishing Tokage Salmon Croquette Cream Rice (S$25.90). This dish has a kawaii blue fisherman made from rice, perched atop a croquette rock.

That croquette hides some nicely-orange salmon, which swims in a rich white cream sauce.

But if you some lighter snacks, there’s also some bite-sized food at Kumoya Sumikkogurashi pop-up. Customers can find some simple Hand Cut Nacho Cheese Fries (S$12.90), Kaarage Chicken with Shoyu Glaze (S$14.90), and Teriyaki Chicken Sticks (S$13.90).

However, for those that just want the kawaii experience without stuffing themselves their drinks are the perfect eye-candy for your feeds.

Some of their new cooler new offerings include the Chocolate Mint Frappe (S$13.90) and Strawberry Momo Yoghurt Frappe (S$13.90).

But if there’s one real photogenic drink, it’s the Shirokuma Kawaii Strawberry Soda (S$16.90). Just imagine the pour shots over the fluffy cotton candy bear.

The crowning jewel at the Kumoya Sumikkogurashi pop-up though, has to be the Magical Matcha Terrarium Garden (S$24.90).

It features a magical “edible garden” of matcha sponge bushes, biscoff sand and candy rocks. Brings a whole new meaning to those quips about having to “eat grass” at the end of the month.

This pop-up is perfect for those who love all things cutesy and want a cosy spot to chill out with friends or dates. The pricing is a tad steep but if you want beautifully-staged and absolutely kawaii things — why not give it a try?

Kumoya @ Orchard Central
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Photo creds: Evan Mua

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