Magic Kitchen is a popular old-school eatery dishing out extremely affordable brunch eats like S$2.50 honey butter thick toasts & laksa chee cheong fun

by Christabel Tan

Those residing in or around Ang Mo Kio ought to be familiar with Magic Kitchen, an old-school family-run eatery and budget-friendly breakfast spot — the last few of its kind in Singapore.

magic kitchen
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Located near Cheng San Market & Cooked Food Centre, the tiny yet refreshingly nostalgic eatery, with its makeshift tables and walls plastered with laminated menus, is best known for dishing out incredibly affordable hot mains (especially breakfast fare), desserts, and drinks.

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First-timers must go for at least one of their signature thick toasts, which are thoughtfully sliced into bite-sized cubes, enabling the sauces and/or toppings to fully coat (and soak into) the bread.

magic kitchen
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Although you can find a wide range of thick toasts in both sweet and savoury flavours, the Honey Butter Thick Toast (S$2.50) is perhaps the most popular amongst longtime customers, and for good reason.

How could anyone resist this sweet, delightfully buttery, and oh-so-classic combination?

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Other thick toasts include Garlic (S$2.50), creamy Egg Mayo (S$3), and even a Japanese-inspired Mushroom Bonito (S$3).

magic kitchen
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You can choose to also tuck into a comforting bowl of Congee (S$1.80), Glutinous Rice (S$1.80) or Soon Kueh (S$0.70 per piece), but most tend to go for the Fried Bee Hoon (from S$2) and signature Laksa Zhu Chang Fen (S$2.50/S$3.50) — rich, spicy, and very slurp-worthy, with a generous serving of beansprouts, fish cake, tau pok, and shredded chicken.

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End your meal with Chinese-style desserts like Black Sesame Cream (S$2), Black Glutinous Rice (S$1.50), and even Mango Ice (S$2.50).

Don’t forget to also take your pick from the dizzying array of drinks, ranging from a more traditional-sounding Grass Jelly Milk Tea (S$2.50) to unique options like Irish Coffee (S$2) and Peppermint Cocoa (S$2.20).

Photo: Wahyu Setianto/google images

All things considered, a group of two can easily sit down to a hearty meal for less than S$15 here — and in this economy? And with prices like these, it’s no wonder the eatery sees a steady stream of diners as soon as it opens, all the way till 2pm (when they close)!

Who knows? I might just bring myself to wake up early and make a trip down to Ang Mo Kio for a taste of magic very, very soon.

Magic Kitchen
???? 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-2335, Singapore 560529
???? 8am–2pm (Wed to Mon), Closed on Tue

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