This parlour in Singapore has a 1-for-1 tattoo promotion that includes aftercare, free touch ups for one year & even a complimentary polaroid

by June Ngooi

If you’re looking for a sign as to whether to get your next tattoo, this might be it! 

Let’s be real, I’ve heard of 1-for-1 promotions for food like sushi but a 1-for-1 tattoo deal is a first and this definitely caught my eye. 

1 for 1 tattoo
Photo: @pattootarlour/instagram

Remember that deal awhile back about the all-you-can-get tattoo buffet starting from S$200 which allowed you to get as many tattoos as you want on an hourly basis? 

That was Pattoo Tarlour and they are back again to hit us with this 1-for-1 tattoo deal

Photo: @pattootarlour/instagram

The concept is simple: for this 1-for-1 promotion, you get to submit two designs and the more expensive one will be the quoted price while the other will be free. 

1 for 1 tattoo
Photo: @pattootarlour/instagram

Bear in mind that the sizes of the respective designs should be between 5 to 10cm. And it’s not any design you fancy that will be accepted. Only designs in the specific style of the Pattoo Tarlour artist will be considered. 

Photo: @pattootarlour/instagram

Just a tip: if I were you, I would look at the stickerbook and patchwork tattoo designs!

If you’re still unsure on the types of designs you should submit, you can check out the designs of the artists at their respective Instagram handles to see what fits:, @orientaltofu, and @danger.stabs

1 for 1 tattoo

I know there are some of us who love to get inked with our friends, but unfortunately this 1-for-1 tattoo deal is only applicable for one person

Photo: @pattootarlour/instagram

Even so, the deal gets juicier for that one person! It also includes two complimentary touch-ups which are a lifetime redemption, tattoo aftercare, as well as one free polaroid

1 for 1 tattoo
Photo: @orientaltofu/instagram

Once you have decided on your tattoo designs, the next step of commitment is to book your appointment!

Photo: @dangerstabs/instagram

To qualify for this 1-for-1 tattoo deal,  all you gotta do is place a 50% deposit by 30 November 2023. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to reserve the actual tattoo appointment date for after 30 Nov — it’s just the deposit that needs to be put down by then.

1 for 1 tattoo
Photo: @pattootarlour/instagram

Embark on your next tattoo with Pattoo Tarlour by securing your booking slot and dropping a DM to their Telegram.

Are you tempted yet? I know I am!

Pattoo Tarlour
📍 196 Pandan Loop, #04-01, Singapore 128384 
🕒 By appointment only 
🗓️ From now till 30 Nov 2023

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