8storeytree is a vintage film camera shop hidden in Geylang filled with retro goods that will transport you back to the 80s

by Jesslyn Lye

Hidden away in the second floor of a shophouse in Geylang is 8storeytree, a store filled with tons of vintage knick-knacks that are hard to find anywhere else — along with film cameras, film rolls, and everything you could possibly need for analog photography. 

Photos: 8storeytree/google images

It might be a film camera shop, but even if you’re not a photographer, this is still a really cool place to check out. Here, you’ll find shelves lined with cassette tapes, vinyl records, typewriters, and all sorts of other cool vintage merchandise that you rarely see nowadays.

Otherwise, when it comes to vintage things, there’s something charming about film photography. Scroll through Instagram nowadays and you’ll almost definitely see pictures shot on film cameras posted on the feed. Despite the convenience of digital photography, film photography is still alive (#filmisnotdead) with many people loving the process and beauty of film. There’s just something so exciting about snapping pictures on a film camera and having to wait for them to develop to see the results. 

Photos: @8storeytree, @thebarbershopmusic/instagram

So if you’re interested in giving film photography a shot — or if you’re a film photographer looking for some cool new stuff — you’ll definitely also find everything you need here. 

The shop has a wide range of 35mm film cameras for you to choose from, including options such as the Kodak Ultra F9 35mm Camera (S$49), AgfaPhoto Analogue Camera (S$58), and the Lomo LC-A+ 35 mm Film Camera (S$438).

If you’d rather go with a disposable camera, they also offer a far wider selection than you would normally find at your typical photography shop.

Photos: @8storeytree/instagram

And of course, it wouldn’t be a film camera shop without film rolls. Here, you’ll also find a huge variety of 35mm film that extends way beyond your usual selection, including experimental and pre-exposed films that look really fun (and super cute!) to shoot with.

Besides 35mm film cameras, the shop specialises in instant cameras, so if you’re looking to get a classic Polaroid, you know where to go.

Photos: @8storeytree, @thebarbershopmusic/instagram

Whether you’re into film photography or you just like exploring cool hidden spots in Singapore, you’ll definitely find something interesting here.

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???? 311A Geylang Rd, Singapore 389350
???? 11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri), 9.30am – 6.30pm (Sat to Sun)

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