Here’s how to view this rare hybrid solar eclipse that will be visible in Singapore for only two hours on 20 April 2023

by Marcus Leong

Attention all (aspiring) stargazers and astronomers! It’s time to get your stargazing equipment ready as a rare hybrid solar eclipse will be visible from Singapore, taking place between the late morning and early afternoon of 20 April 2023

Solar Eclipse
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According to Singapore’s Science Centre Observatory, some parts of the world will observe a total solar eclipse. Others will experience an annular solar eclipse — this happens due to the moon’s orbit and the curvature of the Earth as the eclipse is taking place. 

Countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Papua New Guinea are some of those who will have to settle for a partial eclipse. This is because we are out of the shadow of the moon — but, at least we still get to see some action. 

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In case you’re wondering, a total eclipse will take place once every 18 months, although the visibility of the eclipse will depend on the location. On average, there are two to five eclipses visible each year. 

Solar Eclipse
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If you’re planning to catch this dazzling moment, here are some things you should take note of. For starters, the eclipse will take place at 10.54am — which means you’ll need to chope your spot and get your equipment ready well before that. It will then peak at 11.55am, and that’s where you can get your best shots. The eclipse will end at 12.58pm

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Apart from having the right equipment to capture the eclipse, the Science Centre Observatory advises you to prepare specialised solar filters to protect your eyes and your equipment. Sunglasses and common household or vehicular solar films do not provide sufficient protection. You can pick up a pair of special glasses made for solar observation from Science Centre Singapore’s Curiosity Shop for just S$5 per pair.

Solar Eclipse
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Want to experience this monumental event in the flesh? Science Centre Singapore will be hosting a viewing session at its Ecogarden from 11am to 1pm. Telescopes will also be set up at the observatory for you to enjoy a magnified view of the eclipse safely, and all viewings are complimentary with every Science Centre admission ticket. You can purchase your tickets here

The Science Centre will also be streaming the action live on their YouTube channel so you can get in on the action from your office desk — granted it won’t be as exciting as watching it in real life. 

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You should definitely try to catch this monumental moment as the next partial solar eclipse will be visible in Singapore on 22 July 2028. Also, the next solar eclipse will be visible on 2 August 2027 — and it will be occurring during sunset which means it’ll be slightly harder to spot. 

Don’t miss your chance to catch this celestial display!

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