Springleaf Prata just released a Raclette Cheese Prata with truffle oil for S$9.90

by Natalie Lim

Springleaf Prata Place is no stranger to the people who crave a hearty breakfast and the nocturnal eaters of Singapore. Known for their crispy prata and a wide variety of flavours, the place is visited by people who know their doughs

If you frequent the establishment, here’s a piece of good news for you. Springleaf Prata just released a new prata in its Ultimate Series and it has a delicious combination of crispy prata with Swiss raclette cheese and truffle oil.

Springleaf Prata’s new raclette cheese prata 

Springleaf prata raclette cheese
Photo: @springleafprataplace/instagram

Titled as “Praclette” (S$9.90), the new flavour is an addition to the restaurant’s Ultimate Series. Besides raclette cheese and truffle oil, Springleaf Prata’s new item also includes sauteed onions, shiitake mushroom, black olives, and turkey ham.

To cut the greasiness, a drizzle of sriracha is added for a spicy kick. Every bite is a mouthful of melty, stringy raclette cheese — an absolute bundle of joy.

Springleaf prata raclette cheese
Photo: @koalalovesfood/instagram

However, we foresee that the raclette cheese prata will not be Springleaf Prata Place’s final addition to their Ultimate Series. The restaurant is known for its wacky and innovative inventions, with other creative pratas being hot favourites to date. 

Photo: @foodie.mat/instagram

In 2020, there was the Däs Prätwürst. A german-inspired prata, the savoury prata envelopes house-made chicken sausage, onions, curry sauce, and mozzarella cheese. 

Springleaf prata raclette cheese
Photo: @shalimaeats/instagram

Most brunch dates are made out of coffee and expensively priced eggs Benedicts. But at Springleaf Prata, their prata version of the classic eggs Benedict, the Plaster Blaster (S$5.50), triumphs any cafe any day.

A fluffy prata is topped with ham, a perfectly poached egg that threatens to spill its yolky-goodness, and a rich, in-house hollandaise sauce. 

Other creations include the umami-filled Salted Egg Prawn Prata, the creamy Prata Alfredo, and the famous Murtaburger. 

Whichever you choose, you’re bound to be delighted.

For your convenience, here is the list of outlets islandwide:

????57B Jalan Tua Kong

????1 Thong Soon Avenue

????The Rail Mall

????Junction 10


????Sunset Way

????SAFRA Jurong

????SAFRA Tampines

????SAFRA Yishun

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