Just opened: Dough Coffee is CHIJME’s newest photogenic Korea café throwback

by Evan Mua
dough coffee singapore review

Dough Coffee is the newest Cafe at CHIJMES opened by the people behind popular cafes in Singapore like Glyph Supply Co and Runes. Like the other two, the CHIJMES space is a gorgeous minimalist dream that’s gotten a lot of hype on social media.

Unlike their previous concepts, Dough Coffee has less focus on coffee and instead the emphasis here is on the bread and bakes. And it’s a rather unique bakery concept that isn’t seen much in Singapore too.

dough coffee singapore

Fans of cafe hopping in Korea should be excited. Dough Coffee is a homage to the popular bakery-cafes in Korea like Cafe Onion.

The first thing you’d notice going into Dough are the shelves filled with eye-catching bread. It’s basically heaven for bread lovers.

However, unlike the rustic Cafe Onion, Dough Coffee’s pace at CHIJMES a lot more polished and modern. It has a nice touch of warm colours to it and sleek marble tables add a touch of elegance to the ambiance.

They also have a whole stretch of window-side seats, complete with small, round marble tables. Perfect for those who enjoy resting against a window while slowly sipping on their coffee and feeling sunlight against their back.

dough coffee singapore review

For their bakes, Dough Coffee offers a good assortment of both sweet and savoury. The sweet items are generally the more popular choices, due to their insta-worthy appearance.

However, some staff actually talked about their love for the savoury items like Smoked Duck Foccacia (S$6).

But sadly, most of those were sold out when we visited. So naturally, we beelined for the items that made Dough Coffee insta-famous instead.

dough coffee review strawberry brioche

Firstly, it’s a must to order the Strawberry Brioche (S$5) at Dough Coffee if you love oozy bread. Cream just gushes out when you cut through that photogenic meringue-crusted exterior.

A very well-made brioche that had a cloud-like softness and just the right amount of cream.

Flavour-wise, Dough Coffee found a perfect blend of strawberry and basil that worked together harmoniously and didn’t get cloying.

dough coffee review matcha mochi

Alternatively, Dough Coffee’s other popular item is the Matcha Mochi (S$5) if you’re not a fan of cream. We enjoyed the classic pairing of azuki and matcha, which had a good ratio of fragrance and sweetness.

The chewy mochi added a bit of interesting textures to the soft bun — definitely something mochi bread lovers would enjoy.

But out of the items we ordered, the Apple Caramel Cake (S$4.50) might be our favourite at Dough Coffee. The texture was on point — soft and moist, with a slightly dense bite to it.

The combo of granny smith apple, cinnamon, and salted caramel also worked very well together. Quite a nice mix of tart apples, fragrant spice, and a slight saltiness to cut through the heaviness.

dough coffee chijmes

If you need a caffine fix, Dough Coffee’s drinkss are reasonably priced. The selection includes Black (S$4.50/5oz, S$5.50/8oz), White (S$4.50/5oz, S$5.50/8oz), and Cold Brew (S$6/black, S$7/white).

They change their blend regularly, but my cup of white was a pleasantly balanced cup with a fragrant nuttiness to it.

In summary, Dough Coffee is a promising new cafe offering something very unique to the Singapore café scene. A Korean-influenced café with focus on bread? We need more of those, please.

Dough Coffee
???? CHIJMES, 30 Victoria Street, #01-30, Singapore 187996
????️ 10am–6pm (Tues–Sun)

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