These handmade Squid Game earrings let you tell everyone that you’re a fan without telling them you’re a fan

by Vera

Tell you me you’re a Squid Game fan without telling me you’re a Squid Game fan. I’ll go first — unashamed about my expansive earring collections, the accessories act as my third personality trait (after bubble tea and mala), subliminally signalling the favourites of this ole’ noggin’. Whether you belong in team “fan” or “overrated”, the Squid Game talk is here to stay just a bit longer, and local crafters have joined the slew of themed merchandise to come.



Regardless of whether you’re circle, square, or triangle, rank doesn’t matter when you can wear these earrings all the same.

Players Jackets (S$8.90 per stud)


Customise your player number on the jacket or get it in your favourite character’s number instead.

Ddakji (S$6.90 per stud)

ddakji earrings

Get slapped, anyone?

Dalgona Candy

dalgona candy earrings

Made even more popular through the show, this traditional Korean candy features cut outs like stars, circles, and umbrellas that will always reek of Sang Woo’s brief betrayal towards the rest of his team.


coffin earrings

To have something as grim as a coffin for the players juxtaposed against a bright, pink ribbon-wrapped box is part of what makes this whole imagery so grisly. Fans of the show might recall that earlier in the series, the toy that Gi-hun wins for his daughter from the claw machine comes similarly wrapped — foreshadowing the black-and-pink combo we’ll soon come to be all too familiar with.

“Red light, green light” robot girl

robot girl earrings
Photo: @thedara.s/instagram

This one’s truly terrifying. If there’s any duo creepier than the Grady twins in Stephen King’s The Shining, it’s a pair of the robot girl in Squid Game’s “red light, green light” game hanging from your ears. It’s stated that lips can be added upon requests, and we’re not quite sure if that makes it more sinister or not.

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