Play ‘red light, green light’ on this Squid Game-inspired Roblox server + try this filter on Instagram

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Squid Game Roblox server

Screengrab of Squid Game Roblox
Photo: Rocul Studios

As a 25-year-old who plays Minecraft a lot more often than I’d like to admit, I wholeheartedly understand the wonders of sandbox games. These are games that give players a degree of creativity to explore, build, and almost literally do anything they want in the generated world. Roblox is an example of such games, and now, you can play on a Squid Game-inspired server designed by Rocul Studios, as if immersing yourself in the drama didn’t leave you white-knuckled enough.

Fans of the nine-episode-long series will be squealing in delight at the impressive virtual replica of Squid Game’s arena. This hyper-realistic game can be accessed by players from Singapore, and they will get to don the iconic teal hoodie. Oh and did we mention? Music from the series can also be heard throughout the gameplay — talk about an eerie resemblance.


Explore the sleeping quarters, pastel-hued passage area, and the game arena where you should prepare yourself to meet your maker. Alright, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but should you fail to freeze in time, your player will actually get killed off.

While you can sleep at night seeing as how the giant creepy doll isn’t incorporated into the game, the tall withered tree and ominous-looking guards still await at the end of the finish line. Other than that, most of the set is replicated down to a tee, and boy aren’t we simps for attention to detail.

Screengrab of Squid Game Roblox
Photo: Rocul Studios

It seems like it’s in talks that the Honeycomb game will be coming up next, so stay expectant of that.

Instagram filter

Squid Game Instagram filter

Seeing as how many of us just can’t get enough of Squid Game, here’s an Instagram filter made by user that you might want to check out and have a little fun with. In this game of virtual red light, green light, simply blink your eyes to move your character forward and freeze when the light turns red. Successful players will earn a victory dance while failure to fulfil the rules of the game will end in you being ‘shot’, just like in the TV series.

Try out the filter here.

*Top images adapted from VG247.

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