There’s a Squid Game pop-up at Itaewon Station that’ll make you want to visit Korea faster than you can say “Red Light, Green Light”

by Natalie Lim

Sure, the COVID-19 clusters are scary. But what’s even more frightening is waking up and finding yourself in the Squid Game.

Squid Game, the 10-episode series that debuted on Netflix on 17th September, has caught the attention of us Singaporeans with its nerve-racking storyline and perplexing characters. 

And if you just can’t get enough of the series, you’ll be glad to know that the unspeakable has happened — a Squid Game pop-up playground has been installed in Itaewon Station, Korea, so we’re able to visit without getting eliminated.

Squid Game pop-up at Itaewon Station

Squid game pop-up 1
Photo: Netflix KR

We’ve played in hundreds of playgrounds since we were children, but this is one we do not want to end up in. The striking colours of the playground will give you major flashbacks to episode 3.

To prevent spoilers, let’s just say that we won’t be using any more umbrellas on a rainy day.

Squid game pop-up 2
Photo: Tastes SEOUL Good

Some of us watched Chucky without batting an eyelid. Some of us slept in peace after watching Annabelle. But watching the girl with pigtails that turned her head 180 degrees to sing “Red Light, Green Light”? That left most of us scarred and quivering in fear.

Fun fact! You’re not allowed to even quiver.

Sitting atop the playground’s handlebars is our favourite Squid Game mascot, so if you’re feeling ballsy, creep up to get a picture with her. Or behind her. Whichever you feel safest with.

Squid game pop-up 3
Photo: Netflix KR

It’ll be a hoax if the pop-up only features the playground from Squid Game, so fans will be glad to know that the entire Itaewon station has been transformed into the movie’s set.

Bright, iconic pink steps will lead you down to the train platform or the exit of the station, so you’ll feel as though you’re an actual participant in the game. 

Please, no pushing okay?

Photo: Netflix KR

For the Chaotic Evils, the sight of the ginormous, golden piggy bank will excite you. Half-filled with the cash prize, it is guarded by two vigilant soldiers that are sure to give you a good run for its money. 

Photo: Netflix KR

Episode six made most of us very dehydrated, but if you have a Gganbu you hold close to your heart, take them to the Squid Game pop-up where you’ll get to see traditional displays of Korean traditional games such as marbles and gonggi.

Hold your marbles tight, though.

Photo: Tastes SEOUL Good

While the Squid Game pop-up is only available in Korea, we hope that a similar installation will be placed in Singapore soon. 

And if you’ve not caught the film, wait no longer.

Watch it here.

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