Homely hayashi beef stew, mentaiko sushi & more at this hidden Japanese deli cafe in Queenstown

by Christabel Tan

Queensway Shopping Centre is a hotspot for bargain hunters and collectors of sports apparel. You can find affordable sneakers there, but food? Hmm.

Tucked away in a corner of the mall is Sunya & Satya Co., a tiny hidden gem of a Japanese deli you may have unknowingly walked past on previous occasions.

Photo: Sunya & Satya Co

Run by the team behind the neighbouring Queensway Lau Tan’s Tutu Kueh and Hei Lun Shi Tang, this no-frills eatery offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options.

Japanese-Western cuisine

Photo: Sunya & Satya Co

The selection of ready-made deli items is reminiscent of an authentic Japanese convenience store (oh, how I miss those), inclusive of sandwiches, sushi, Asian salads, and desserts. Pop by for a quick grab-and-go, and lunch is settled.

Photo: @the_xw/instagram

Sunya & Satya Co. prides itself on serving the number one Hayashi Beef Stew (S$14.90) in Singapore — beef chunks and garden root vegetables in a traditional Japanese demi-glacé sauce. Sounds like comfort food that’ll absolutely hit the spot on a rainy day.

Photo: Sunya & Satya Co

Mentaiko maniacs like me would automatically gravitate towards the Mentai Ikura Maki (S$10.90) or Salmon Mentai Don (S$17.90). It beats having to jostle with the crowd at a certain Japanese speciality grocery chain.

Photos: Sunya & Satya Co

Some of the more unique offerings are Okinawa Taco Rice (S$14.90) and the Kusanagi Ramen (S$14.90) with a creamy 100% tori paitan (chicken-based) broth. Personally, I’d go for the sublime-sounding Tokyo-style Mentaiko Pasta (S$14.90), linguine tossed in mentaiko shoyu butter, and topped with obe and nori.

Photos: @the_xw/instagram, Sunya & Satya Co

Pick out a dessert or two for a post-work treat, such as the Classic Custard Purin (S$4.90) or Matcha Tiramisu (S$5.90 for one).

I haven’t popped by Queensway Shopping Centre in a while — I think it warrants a visit ASAP.

Sunya & Satya Co.
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???? Queensway Shopping Centre, #02-29, Singapore 149053
???? 11.30am–8.30pm (Daily)

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