Have a picnic date among lush flowers with aircon at The Secret Patio’s pop-up garden party

by Evan Mua
the secret patio picnic

Picnics are the in thing right now, many of us started hanging out with our friends on grassy patches or bringing our dates to scenic picnic spots by the beach ever since circuit breaker. But the truth is, as wonderful as a picnic sounds, you can’t escape the forces of nature, i.e. the blazing sun and mosquito bites galore.

But what if we told you there’s a place where you can picnic amongst gorgeous flowers without all the inconveniences? The Secret Patio has launched an indoor picnic pop-up that is dressed up with swaths of vibrant flowers and checkered table cloths — with aircon keeping you cool the whole time.

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Photos: @saltyaaron/instagram

This is a perfect spot for some quality time with your date in an idyllic hideout since The Secret Patio is a popular wedding venue, and have just converted their space into the Pop-Up Garden Party from 4 Sept 2021 to 12 Sep 2021.

But it’s great just for a relaxed hangout sesh with friends as well with their IG-worthy set-up that gives you a lot of opportunities for those glamorous OOTDs.

Timeslots are allocated in 1.5-hour blocks at 11:30am, 1pm, and 3pm with admission prices starting from S$28/pax including S$10 food credits.

the secret patio pop-up garden party
Photos: @saltyaaron/instagram, @peggy17688/instagram

You’d get your own comfy space decorated with pretty potted flowers and fluffed up with plush cushions for maximum comfort. The Secret Patio also offers a seating area with tables and chairs if you’re just looking for some indoor botanical vibes for your brunch.

For the cosy occasion, you can find the most comforting brunch classics on their menu. Some interesting stuff include Blueberry on Clouds (S$24) which are cloud-like blueberry ricotta pancakes and I’ve Got Sunshine (S$24) eggs benedict with golden sunny yolk.

There’s also a sourdough toast cutely named Into the Thick of It (S$16), which is probably the name of that backing track your TikTok should be set to.

the secret patio
Photos: @saltyaaron/instagram

But if you want something more substantial for your glamping-picnic sesh, impress your date with eloquently named mains like God Called And Wants His Angel Back (S$25) angel hair pasta and the Meat You At TSP (S$28) striploin steak.

While you don’t have the sun beating down on you, it’s hard to pass up on some refreshing cold drinks while picnicking. The Secret patio also offers Hot Teas ($7), fruity Iced Teas ($8), Juices ($8) and alcoholic tipples (S$15 to S$22) for you to wash down your food.

Plus, you can get a free Macaron if you dress up to match the garden theme and tag them on Instagram or Facebook in the countless OOTDs you’d probably take!

Make your reservations here.

The Secret Patio: Pop-up Garden Party
Website | Facebook | Instagram
???? 10A Duxton Hill, Singapore 089594
????️ 10am–7pm (4 Sep 2021 — 12 Sep 2021)

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Top images from: @saltyaaron/instagram & @xtiechan/instagram

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