Tim Ho Wan will soon be part of Jollibee after S$71.2 million takeover

by Evan Mua
Jollibee Tim Ho Wan Takeover

Fried chicken and dim sum — 2 of Singaporeans’ favourite dishes. We love them both, but don’t normally associate the 2 foods with each other. Well, that perception will soon change since Jollibee is taking over Tim Ho Wan.

Yes, for real — according to CNN, Jollibee is going to “fully gobble up Tim Ho Wan with buyout of partners’ shares”.

What happens afterwards is anyone’s guess. Could we get Chickenjoy Bolo Buns, deep-fried spring rolls in Chickenjoy batter? Hell yeah, maybe this was the crossover we never knew we wanted.

tim ho wan jollibee takeover
Photo: Tim Ho Wan Melbourne

It’s actually quite an interesting marriage since Jollibee is probably the most popular fast-food franchise in the Philippines, famous for their Chickenjoy fried chicken which is finger licki– I mean, juicy dripping good.

On the other hand, Tim Ho Wan is a Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant whose Baked Pork Buns are beloved by dim sum lovers al over Asia, it’s interesting to see how the 2 drastically different brands work together.

What’s going to happen is that Jollibee Foods Corporation will buy out all the shares of Tim Ho Wan’s parent company, Singapore-based Titan Dining LP.

tim ho wan jollibee takeover
Photo: Jollibee Singapore

Titan Dining owns the rights to Tim Ho Wan and is behind all of the franchises, including the ones where you spent an hour queueing for just cos you wanted something char siew bao.

In all seriousness though, it might not change anything. Jollibee Food Corporation already owned 85% of Titan Dining. So the S$71.2million bid is just to buy up the remaining 15%.

In fact, they’ve even opened Tim Ho Wan joints in Shanghai in a joint venture previously. And I don’t think they made Chickenjoy Bolo Buns there, sadly. (Editor’s note: Author needs to stop with the Chickenjoy dim sum obsession.)

Photos: Jollibee Singapore, Tim Ho Wan Singapore

So, sorry Tim Ho Wan x Jollibee shippers but maybe we won’t be getting fried chicken dim sum or spring rolls as sides for your Chickenjoy combo.

In other news, customers can enjoy vaccination perks at both brands right now. At Tim Ho Wan, you can get 56% off selected items for takeaway until 18 August 2021, while Jollibee is offering 10% off every S$15 food purchase for in-store orders.

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