New Waterbike Singapore rental lets you safely explore Singapore’s hidden spots by cycling on water

by Evan Mua
waterbike singapore

Cycling is a fun and easy activity anyone can pick up, enjoying the wind blowing through your hair while you traverse on and off many of Singapore’s beaten paths. But what if we told you that you can venture onto the water while cycling? At least, now you can with Waterbike Singapore.

The novel new experience is launching on 2 October 2021 and is supposedly Singapore’s first water bike service. So, if you’re a fitness junkie looking for a new sport or just looking to bring your date on a fun new experience, Waterbike Singapore might just be the fresh thrill you’re looking for.

waterbike singapore
Photo: Waterbike Singapore

How the water bike works is by moving through the two floats installed at its base instead of wheels. You just gotta move your feet on the pedals and the floats will do the rest for you, reaching speeds of up to 15 km/h on water.

More importantly, it’s also very easy is to pick up because of its lightweight and stability. Anyone can hop onto one and go for a safe ride on these vessels that are impossible to capsize, according to Waterbike Singapore.

waterbike singapore
Photo: Waterbike Singapore

It’s said that an 8-year-old can easily use the bike, so it would be great for a family day out too! It’s good for a slow leisurely joy ride without getting wet like you would zooming around on a ski.

If you’re feeling like an adventurer, you can explore unchartered waters to uncover private inaccessible beaches, Seletar Islands or just chill out for a better view of the sunset — at least those are the places you can spot on their TikTok.

Photo: Waterbike Singapore

Waterbike Singapore has opened up slots for rental bookings from 2 October 2021, available every Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Group size constraints are capped at five due to current Covid-19 guidelines. The rates are as follows:

  • 1 hour: S$30
  • 2 hours: S$50
  • 3 hours: S$60
  • 4 hours: S$80

To ensure everyone’s safety, the water bike rentals include life jackets, walkie talkies, and dry storage bags for your belongings.

waterbike singapore
Photo: Waterbike Singapore

You can also purchase the entire system for S$1,800 from Waterbike Singapore for your personal use, maybe preparing for a rainy day with the increasing floods in Singapore?

Waterbike Singapore also has future plans to conduct tours with tour guides in different parts of Singapore but if you want to book a custom package tour now, you can send an email to [email protected]

Waterbike Singapore
Website | Facebook | Instagram
📍 Campsite 1 @ Pasir Ris Park, 159T Jalan Loyang Besar, Singapore 506927
🗓️ 9am–5pm (Sat–Sun) from 2 October 2021, by appointment basis only

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