New cooling Watermelon Pocky flavour is now selling at NTUC at S$1.80

by Vera

Just like how BTS’ Butter is lauded as the summer song of the year, Pocky is determined to bring us a breezy summer snack that is the all-new flavour — Watermelon — which brings with it a cooling effect for an added chill in the afternoon heat. In true Japanese fashion, Glico Pocky never fails to deliver fun new flavours every so often, and this time it’s a refreshing fruity take.

The biscuit stick is dipped in and coated with watermelon-flavoured cream, and leaves a cooling aftertaste on your palate with every snap. Keep it at your work-from-home set up to have a quick snack within reach whenever the munchies come around, or gift it to a friend or two to show them you’re thinking about them despite being apart.

You can find the snack at NTUC FairPrice at S$1.80, or get a bundle of 10 boxes at S$18 on Shopee, which actually works out to be the same price, but presents a more convenient option if you’re getting a bunch of them.

The Watermelon Pocky flavour first dropped in Thailand, and has since reached our sunny shores so that we, too, have the chance to get our hands on this funky combination.

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