Cat art jamming workshops are now a thing with free-roaming cats as your meow-dels

by Vera

With crafting workshops running aplenty today, it’s quite the conundrum picking where to begin. Just to name a few, there’s pottery, jesmonite crafting, resin pouring, and the bridal shower-famous art jamming. But if we threw in cats into the mix, would that tip the scale? Wildflower Studio is running a cat art jamming workshop for feline lovers to snuggle up with their favourite furry pals while getting creative.

Free-roaming cats


The cats in the studio are actually the owner’s pets, so they’re tame as can be and are used to human interaction. If you’re planning to bring a wary friend (or perhaps you’re that wary friend yourself), you can come at ease knowing that cats in general are absolutely chill creatures who are interested in nobody but themselves (just kidding, but really though).

cat art jamming
Photo: Wildflower Studio

2.5-hour semi-guided session

cat art jamming

The session will set you back S$40, but it comprises a 2.5 hour session which you can take at your own pace, a free drink, and of course, all that furry cuteness to soak up. All the crafting materials you’ll need are also fully provided, so with all things considered, it’s a reasonable amount for an afternoon’s worth of activities.

cat art jamming

If you’re running over the given time limit however, there’s the option to extend your session at S$10 per person for every half an hour.

View the full workshop schedule here, and book your session here.

Cat Art Jamming at Wildflower Studio
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???? 56A Niven Rd, Singapore 228405
???? 10am & 4.30pm slots
????️ 18 Dec 2021 to 16 Jan 2022 (Selected dates)

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