Winterwoods is a gelato cafe in Ang Mo Kio offering unique gelato flavours, cinnamon cones & buttermilk waffles


Whether you’re feeling hot, sad, stressed, angsty, or even happy – ice cream is the perfect treat whether you’re looking to brighten your day or satisfy a craving for something sweet.

You can get ice cream virtually anywhere — convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, speciality cafes and the list goes on. Most of them carry the same few, safe selection of flavours like chocolate, vanilla, pistachio and so on, but what if you’re craving something a little different? 

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Cue Winterwoods, a gelato cafe tucked within the heartlands of Ang Mo Kio serving a variety of unique, Asian-inspired ice cream flavours from S$4 a scoop

Started by a couple of young entrepreneurs, the cafe is inspired by the peaceful Japanese woods in the winter (also a favourite travel experience one of the founders had in Tokyo) — which is reflected in the cafe’s minimalistic white, grey and wood-accented interiors. 

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Seeking to give you the feeling of stepping into a Japanese cafe in the midst of winter, here’s where you can choose Asian-inspired gelato flavours ranging from Coconut Sticky Rice Mango Compote (hello mango sticky rice in gelato form!), and Pulut Hitam (chewy black glutinous rice with coconut), to Durian MSW and Roasted Sesame

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Alternatively, if you’re looking for flavours that aren’t quite so local, you could also give their Avocado Coconut Stracciatella, Yuzu Crumble Pie or Bitter Gianduja a try.


Once you’ve chosen the gelato you want, you can also opt to have them served in a nutty sesame cone (S$1.50), fragrant cinnamon cone (S$1.50), or classic buttermilk waffles (S$4. 50) and dark chocolate waffles (S$5) with dark chocolate chips! They also have beverages if you’re looking for something to drink with cold brew coffee and more available.


So if you’re around the area, or simply looking for a new ice cream place to hit up other than the usual suspects, head over and give their speciality gelatos a shot! 

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???? 603 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #01-2665, Singapore 560603
???? 5pm – 9pm (Mon), 12pm – 9pm (Tue to Thu), 12pm – 10pm (Fri to Sun)

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