Xiang Cao Kitchen serves individual grilled fish sets from just S$9.90 with six different flavours including Mala, Green Chilli Peppers, Garlic & more

by Marcus Leong

Grilled fish, or kao yu, has been all the rave in recent months. As a fan of spicy grilled fish, I love that I get a ton of ingredients from just one dish, and it’s a great dish to be shared with friends!

But, if you’re ever feeling lonely and craving some spicy grilled fish, Xiang Cao Kitchen will truly be your life saviour. 

Xiang Cao Kitchen
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Located along Victoria Street, Xiang Cao Kitchen has gained popularity for offering individual grilled fish sets from just S$9.90 — no more begging your friends to join you for grilled fish, you can enjoy the dish all by yourself. Looks like this is your sign to make a solo grilled fish date in Bugis.

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The individual fish set consists of half a fish and you’ll get to choose from six flavours: Hot & Spicy, Green Chilli Peppers, Mala, Mushroom, Tomato, and Garlic

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The Green Chilli Peppers and the Hot & Spicy are their most popular flavours but the Garlic lover in me just cannot resist the Garlic flavour which comes with a mountain of grilled garlic bulbs. 

You can also choose your preferred fish, my personal favourite is the Dory Fish Fillet — mainly because it has no bones in it. But you can also switch it to Sea Bass for an additional S$2. For the price you’re paying, it’s a pretty great deal. 

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Much like most grilled fish places, you can also add on other ingredients like bamboo shoot, lotus root, mushrooms, luncheon meat, and more for just S$1 eachsuper value for money if you ask me. 

Xiang Cao Kitchen is all about customising your perfect meal here. For an additional S$2, you can upgrade your meal to a value set which comes with a bowl of rice and a drink. If you’re feeling extra hungry that day, top up S$5.80 for an extra side dish, a bowl of rice and a drink — I totally recommend this option. 

Xiang Cao Kitchen
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Options for the side dish includes the restaurant’s signature mouth watering chicken, marinated jellyfish and even sliced pork belly in garlic sauce.

Not feeling fishy? The restaurant also serves a fiery bowl of Mala xiang guo — which promises to be both Ma and La. On the menu are other classic Sichuan stir-fried favourites that will certainly make your mouth water (mostly from the spice)

Looking for somewhere to satisfy your spicy grilled fish cravings? 

Xiang Cao Kitchen 
Facebook | Instagram 
???? 233 Victoria Street, Singapore 188026
???? 12pm—10.30pm (Daily)

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