2nd Serving tucked behind a vending machine door is an ice cream cafe serving unique flavours & waffles like fudgy mochi waffle

by Jesslyn Lye

The first thing you’ll notice about 2nd Serving is that it’s tucked away behind a red vending machine door. It’s not technically hidden, since the shop sign and the windows at the side make it pretty clear that it’s a cafe, but the door is still an adorable touch that makes for a great Instagram-worthy shot.

2nd serving
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And when it comes to dessert, you can’t go wrong with cold and decadent ice cream served atop a warm and freshly made crisp waffle. While there are many places offering ice cream and waffles, 2nd Serving puts a creative and delicious twist on the classic dessert combination with their interesting ice cream flavours and unique seasonal waffles. 

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First, step in and you’ll find a cosy cafe in pastel pink hues and a display of unique ice cream flavours for your choosing. The flavours here rotate on a regular basis, but you can expect to find interesting flavours such as Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls), Watermelon Soju, and Savoury Crunch — which includes bits of potato chips, pretzels, and Nestum

2nd serving
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If the wide selection has you spoilt for choice, their tea-based flavours such as Pu Er, Hojicha and Tie Guan Yin are especially fragrant and come highly recommended. A single scoop of ice cream is priced at S$4.50 while a double costs S$8, with premium flavours costing an additional S$1.

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Get the ice cream on its own, or with one of their innovative Seasonal Waffles (S$7.50) that are fluffy on the inside and extremely crisp on the outside. Past waffle flavours include an Ondeh Ondeh Waffle stuffed with Gula Melaka coconut filling, as well as a rich Chocolate Brownie Waffle.

2nd serving
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Their current Fudgy Mochi Waffle in particular has been receiving a lot of praise on social media — and for good reason. The crisp chocolate waffle oozes warm, chewy mochi that just stretches across the plate when you pull the waffle apart. Together with the ice cream, it makes for an indulgent combination that’s hard for any chocolate or mochi lover to resist. 

(The Fudgy Mochi Waffle is only available till the end of July though, so hurry down if you want to try it!)

With a menu like that, I’ll happily take a 2nd serving here — and maybe even a third!

2nd Serving
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📍 41 Holland Dr, #01-07, Singapore 270041
🕒 12pm – 10pm (Mon to Wed, Sun), 12pm – 11pm (Thur to Sat)

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