15 places to study in Singapore including 24-hour cafes & more with free wi-fi & charging points instead of Starbucks or Coffee Bean

by Jesslyn Lye and Trinity Sun

Student life in Singapore is pretty much a never-ending series of assignments, tests, and examinations, so it’s unsurprising that students are always looking for the best places to get some work done. A good study spot should have a conducive environment, ample seats, and preferably also free wi-fi and numerous power sockets.

If you need a change of scenery from doing your work at home or in school (in an attempt to boost productivity levels), here are 15 spots in Singapore that check all the boxes of being a good place to study.

1. Cafe De Muse

places to study in singapore
Photos: @shyuechou and @cafedemusesg/instagram

An aesthetic Western-Korean fusion cafe, Cafe De Muse is a hip study spot with dalgona lattes and frappes for a pick-me-up while revising. Located in the heart of Orchard Road and open 24 hours daily, the two-level cafe creates a cosy studying atmosphere. 

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📍350 Orchard Road #01-K5/K6 & #02-K4 Shaw House – Isetan Scotts Singapore 238868
 🕒 24 hours

2. Mosanco Cafe

Photo: @enchantedcafe/instagram

A minimalistic-themed cafe concept, Mosanco provides a clean, minimalistic study environment with teas, desserts, and more. Apart from being open 24 hours so you can get in a late-night study session anytime, power plugs are readily available, and the cafes have themed drinks as well as sundaes.

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🕒 24 hours

3. O’ Coffee Club

places to study in singapore
Photo: O’ Coffee Club

Located in Changi Airport Terminal 3, O’ Coffee Club is a great studying spot when the other cafes in the airport close for the day. The cafe is open 24 hours and serves up all-day breakfast items, including waffle stacks and eggs benedict. Power plugs are also available at the cafe.

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📍65 Airport Boulevard, Public Area, Departure/ Check-in Hall South, Level 2, #02-81, Singapore 819663
🕒 24 hours

4. Coffeesmith

Photo: @coffeesmith_singapore/instagram

Here’s where you can get a cuppa and study round the clock at Coffeesmith, which has 24-hour outlets islandwide and power plugs for when your laptop runs out of juice. The cafe also has tea options and bingsu if you’re craving a sweet treat after a study session. 

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🕒 24 hours

5. Cowpresso Coffee Roasters

places to study
Photos: @cowpressocoffeesg/instagram

It’s completely understandable that many coffee places don’t want students occupying their seats for prolonged periods to study, but you won’t find that the case at Cowpresso Coffee Roasters

On weekdays, the cafe has a work and study perk that’ll give you free-flow hot long black coffee to keep you caffeinated as you get through your textbooks and notes. And if you prefer your drink cold, you can also top up S$1 for an iced long black instead.

To get the weekday perk, simply follow the cafe on Instagram, like this post, and flash the liked post to the friendly cafe staff!

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📍21 Lor Kilat, #01-07, Singapore 598123
🕒 10am – 8pm (Wed to Thur, Sat to Sun), 12pm – 10pm (Fri)

6. Our Tampines Hub

Photos: Our Tampines Hub/facebook

Our Tampines Hub is definitely one of the best places for Easties to study, with plenty of study spaces spread throughout all six floors of the building that are free for students to use — though you might want to head there early to secure a seat. 

The picnic-style tables are conducive for both studying alone and as a group, and the place is open 24/7, which is great if a night owl who prefers studying late into the night (or if you have an exam that you just need to pull a last-minute all-nighter for). 

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📍1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523
🕒 Open 24 hours daily

7. Lowercase

places to study
Photos: @allaboutkhu, @pikanomz/instagram

With airy interiors and natural lighting, this cafe is a fairly conducive one for studying. Tucked away in the LASALLE College of the Arts campus, it’s great for people who prefer a little bit of background noise when studying — but not the frenzy of being within a mall or anywhere with lots of footfall.

Their menu includes a range of pastas, pizzas, and brunch favourites if you get hungry while studying, and the cafe also regularly holds live performances in the late evenings, which makes for a great way to unwind after a long day of staring at your books.

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📍Blk D #01-01, 1 McNally St, 187940
🕒 8am – 8pm (Mon to Wed), 8am – 10pm (Thu to Sat)

8. The Book Cafe

places to study
Photos: @loopeiying, @dyeligraphy/instagram

From the comfortable sofas to the cosy, snug interiors, everything about The Book Cafe is designed to make it a comfortable spot where people can sit down and read for hours — which also makes it a great cafe for getting some studying done, so long as you don’t get too comfortable and fall asleep while doing your readings.

The cafe also has a printer that’s free to use if you need to print any notes, and their menu includes all-day breakfasts, pastas, coffees, and premium teas. 

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📍20 Martin Road, Seng Kee Building, #01-02, Singapore 239070
🕒 8.30am – 8.30pm (Mon to Sun)

9. Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre

Photo: Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre

Conveniently located near Yishun MRT, this little-known study space is hidden away in the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre, a youth-centric non-profit organisation. 

The free study area is open daily and has multiple power sockets at every table, so there’s no need to worry about not getting a seat where you can plug your laptop in. The space even has white boards, which could be useful for group discussions. 

And if you feel hungry as you study, the centre also has a plant-based cafe and eatery where you can grab a bite.

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📍30A Yishun Central 1, Singapore 768796
🕒 10am – 10pm (Mon to Sun)

10. Huggs Collective

places to study
Photos: @huggs.sg/instagram

As it is, Huggs Collective is already a solid cafe to study in with pretty good coffee, pastries, and food. 

But if you’d like a place with lesser people, their bigger outlets, including the ones at AIBI Maxwell and Thomson Plaza, also have a dedicated Members Lounge for studying and working. Some of their outlets even have small private nooks that you can duck into if you need to join a Zoom call. And best of all, membership is free, so you won’t need to pay extra to access these facilities. 

Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍Multiple outlets across Singapore
🕒 Opening hours dependent on outlet

11. National Library

Photo: National Library Lee Kong / Chian Reference Library/google images

The National Library at Bugis might be one of the most frequented libraries, but it’s also by far the largest, and therefore, has plenty of study spaces spread throughout the many floors of the building. 

There’s even a dedicated study lounge, though you might want to head there early to secure a seat. And if all that studying makes you tired, there are sky gardens filled with greenery where you can take a break.

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📍100 Victoria St, Singapore 188064
🕒10am – 9pm (Mon to Sun)

12. Kith Cafe at Millenia Walk

places to study
Photo: Kith Cafe

Kith Cafe’s Millenia Walk outlet opens early, closes late, and almost always has seats available, which makes them one of the best cafes to study in. They also have tables that are lined with power sockets which makes the place extra conducive if you plan to use your laptop for long hours. 

Plus, they also have a pretty extensive menu, with dishes such as Better Than Benny (S$17.90+) and House-Made Pancakes (S$15.90+) that come highly recommended.

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📍9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-44/45, Singapore 039596
🕒 7.30am – 10pm (Mon to Sun)

13. Changi Airport

Photos: @changiairport/instagram

All around Changi Airport you’ll find cafes, eateries, and comfortable seating areas, so you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to places to study. The airport is also open 24 hours, so you can stay as late as you want. Some students even sleep at the airport (although we’re not sure how comfortable that would be!).

And if you need a break in the middle of your study session, the airport also has plenty of fun activities and events that you can check out before hitting the books again.

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📍Airport Blvd.
🕒 Open 24 hours daily

14. Twenty Eight Cafe

places to study
Photos: twentyeightcafe/instagram

Twenty Eight Cafe has everything you’ll need for a good study session — a quiet, spacious place with large tables, free wi-fi, numerous power outlets, and a menu filled with good food (and coffee!) when you get hungry.

If you’re someone who likes to snack while studying, they also offer pastries that you can munch on as you get through your work. Otherwise, for something heavier, try the Common Breakfast (S$23), Smoked Salmon Igloo (S$19), or Sriracha Chicken Rosti (S$19)

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📍28 Wilkie Rd, #01-06, Singapore 228051
🕒 7.30am – 4.30pm (Mon to Fri), 8am – 4.30pm (Sat to Sun)

15. SMU

Photo: The SMU Blog

Most university campuses in Singapore have lots of study areas scattered around, but SMU is the most easily accessible of the lot, being located right in the city and near to multiple MRT stations. 

There are benches spread throughout the school buildings as well as the underpass that links the campus together, and if you get hungry, take your pick from the various cafes and eateries around the university.

Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍81 Victoria St, Singapore 188065
🕒 Open 24 hours daily

So the next time you want a change of scenery as you hit the books, head to any of these places for a day of productive studying!

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