Challenge yourself to Bulmawang, the world’s spiciest instant ramen found on Shopee & Lazada

by Vera

You know how we Singaporeans are constantly on the lookout for ways to torture ourselves dig into the next spiciest thing that might or might not leave our tongues working the next day? The Bulmawang The Devil of Fire Ramen, lauded to be the world’s spiciest instant ramen, has entered the chat, and it’s not backing down anytime soon.

Bulmawang ramen

They key to earning its status of the world’s spiciest instant ramen lies in the use of the Carolina Reaper in its broth, making Bulmawang the first instant noodle in Korea to use the aforementioned chilli in its recipe.

Bulmawang ramen

Just how spicy it is, you might ask? Well, Shin Ramyeon that’s considered spice for beginners holds a reading of 2,700 SHU on the Scoville scale, and Samyang’s 2x Spicy Fire Ramen stands at 8,706 SHU. Now take those numbers, and compare them to Bulmawang’s reading which screams a whopping 14,444 SHU. Not to be superstitious, but all those fours in that number are making aunt Margaret really uncomfortable right now.

flatlay of Bulmawang ramen

Top your noodles off with some onions, sausages, and strap right in because it’s sure to be a ride. The ramen is available stir-fried, in a broth, as well as in a tteokbokki version.

Bulmawang’s ramen can be purchased from and Lazada.

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