Just opened: Xiao Ma Ge Mala Hotpot at Sin Ming rewards your stacking skills with free toppings

by Evan Mua
xiao ma ge mala hotpot free toppings

Are you one of those who love mala, but get put off by the final bill after going overboard with the toppings? Same. But here’s some good news for us — Xiao Ma Ge Mala Hotpot is giving free ingredients for their Chong Qin Grilled Fish (S$21.80).

Sounds too good to be true? Well, there’s a small catch. You have to fill up the plate with ingredients, without anything falling, to get those freebies. It’s one of the most interesting ways to give away free food, for sure!

So if your friends call you a clown for all your crazy over-ordering, like mine do, it’s time to show you can juggle those items and get free toppings for them.

More importantly, you get to enjoy all those goodies with that juicy slab of grilled fish. The stall uses seabass for their fish, cooked to order in a grill pan specially imported from China.

You can even conveniently preorder a fish by dropping the stall owner a message as well, so you can skip those pesky cooking and waiting times.

sin ming grilled fish free toppings
Photo: Xiao Ma Ge Mala HotPot/facebook

Diners can pick from a diverse range of 36 different ingredients, but the selection excludes 7 types of meat. You just have to stack them on the plate without dropping them — time to test your Jenga skills.

They have all of your favourite toppings available. Need some instant noodles, bamboo shoots, or lotus root for the mala sayce? They gotchu.

If you need more meat and more heft then there are also hot dogs, fishballs and luncheon meat available.

xiao ma ge mala hotpot chong qin grilled fish
Photo: Xiao Ma Ge Mala HotPot/facebook

Besides that, they are also very proud of their grilled fish sauce. Their Facebook page claims their mala fish sauce is something you can easily drink without feeling oily at all.

Other than the classic spicy sauce, they also created an interesting Sour Pickled Vege Grilled Fish, served with Sambal Belacan Sauce.

Photo: Xiao Ma Ge Mala HotPot/facebook

Another interesting creation is this zero spicy Xiang Guo, stir-fried with oyster sauce and sesame oil. No spice, at all. This means that it’s perfect for people with absolutely no spice tolerance.

Remember those memes about the “no la” person spoiling the group dynamic? Yeah, that doesn’t have to happen anymore.

So if you’re looking for a spot to get your mala fix in the Sin Ming or Upper Thomson area maybe give them a try. Just make sure not to let any of the toppings fall off the plate and you will feast like kings!

Xiao Ma Ge Mala Hotpot
???? 160 Sin Ming Drive, Auto City #01-20, Singapore 575722
????️ 10am–10pm (Mon–Sat)

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