15 Car wash places in Johor Bahru including a total package car wash at only S$16 (RM50)

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By now most of us have heard the news about the exchange rate hitting a new record high of S$1 to RM3.1786. Needless to say, it’s a good time to head into JB to eat, shop, get a massage, sing karaoke, or simply pump petrol and get a motorbike or car wash in Johor Bahru (JB).

Most of us enjoy travelling in for our weekly massage/supper/grocery/petrol/car wash runs in JB. And when it comes to getting a motorbike or car wash, some might have a favourite place they usually go to (pre-covid). Otherwise, some just drive around till they spot a carwash along the way from their supper/massage place.

Depending on which car wash you settle on, car wash prices in JB range from S$3.17 (RM10) to S$6.34 (RM20) for a standard snow wash and maybe interior vacuuming. For the full package including snow wash and everything else like polish, wax, water repellent coating and dash box wax and shine and more – prices range more widely from S$15.85 (RM50, and the cheapest we’ve found!) to S$95.10 (RM300).

car wash in jb
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If you’re wondering where to go to get your car washed, and if you’d like to check out the cheapest full package car wash we’ve found – read on to find out!

1. Brothers Car Wash

Just last week, the car wash place we were at tried to offer us the same full package car wash at an initial price S$95.10 (RM300) before dropping the price to the “lowest” price of S$56.99 (RM180).

This weekend, however, we stumbled on this particular car wash that provided the full car wash package at only S$15.85 (RM50), down the road from where we had a satisfying herbal Bak Kut Teh lunch at Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh in Skudai.

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Brothers Car Wash offers a full car wash package including snow wash and everything else like polish, wax, water repellent coating and dash box wax and shine – at only S$15.85 (RM50) for a small car, and S$19.02 (RM60) for bigger cars like SUVs and up. 

car wash in jb
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If your motorbike/car is due for a thorough wash, wax, polish and more, you might want to consider heading over to Brothers Car Wash! It’s a local car wash that’s not on Google Maps. Just look out for it as you’re driving along the road towards Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh.

2. Maju Express Car Wash

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If you’re in JB just to pump petrol, wash your motorbike/car and get out and don’t feel like driving too far to get your car washed, there are two hidden car wash places right behind B Point (near Woodlands Checkpoint). On the first turn after B Point, turn left into Lorong 2 and you’ll find Maju Express Car Wash!

3. Arani Car Wash

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Similarly, Arani Car Wash is just beside Maju Express Car Wash right behind B Point. On the first turn after B Point, turn left into Lorong 2 and you’ll find Arani Car Wash (not on Google Maps!) just after Maju Express Car Wash.

4. Car Grooming Center

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Located a short 8-minute drive from City Square, you’ll find Car Grooming Center, a simple no-frills car wash. Good for if you’re planning to travel around the City Square area.

5. F & S Car Wash

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A 15-minute drive from Woodlands Checkpoint, and a 7-minute drive from Komtar JBCC, F & S Car Wash is open 24 hours for those late-night jaunts into JB.

6. Tigers Car Wash

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If you’ve driven past the Bukit Senyum sign in JB before, chances are you’ve passed Tigers Car Wash as it’s located in Bukit Senyum and just a 1-minute drive from Capri by Fraser Johor Bahru.

7. We Are Brothers Snow Car Wash

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Looking to do some shopping before getting your car washed? We Are Brothers Snow Car Wash is a mere 3-minute drive from R&F Mall!

8. Storey Car Wash

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Just a 2-minute drive from Paragon Suites, you’ll find the 24-hour Storey Car Wash ready and waiting to get your car all washed and shiny again.

9. Eureka Car Wash

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A short 3-minute drive from KSL City Mall, head over to Eureka Car Wash once you’re done with your day at the mall and get your car washed anytime. Open 24-hours daily, and providing one free wash with every eight washes, Eureka Car Wash has a great location and reasonable prices too.

10. City Snow Wash

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Want to get your car washed while you’re getting supper? Make your way to City Snow Wash and let the guys get your car washed while you dine at the popular Simple Nasi Lemak just next door!

11. JB Singapore Holiday Car Wash

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Here’s another car wash right next door to KSL City Mall (just a 1-minute drive!), JB Singapore Holiday Car Wash is a good choice to get your car washed at if you’re planning to spend some time at the mall.

If you don’t feel like driving around aimlessly trying to find a car wash, you’re most welcome for the car wash places we’ve found above. Have a fun time hunting down your favourite eats, pumping petrol, getting a massage, and don’t forget to get your car washed!

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