21 popular Hokkien Mee Singapore foodies should try in 2022

by Evan Mua and Christabel Tan

When it comes to hawker food in Singapore everyone has dishes, such as Hokkien mee, that they go crazy over. We are a country with our hawker culture recognised by UNESCO, after all.

Hokkien mee is as much a Singapore classic as chicken rice or laksa, leaving people arguing over where the best ones can be found. As such, we’ve gathered a list of 21 popular Hokkien Mee in Singapore that is confirm good and confirm worth your calories.

Tiong Bahru Yi Sheng Fried Hokkien Mee

best hokkien mee singapore tiong bahru yi sheng
Photo: Evan Mua/confirmgood.com

There are hundreds of Hokkien mee stalls in Singapore, but only two have been awarded the prestigious Michelin Bib Gourmand. Tiong Bahru Yi Sheng is one of them.

The noodles here are rich, mildly smoky, and all-around perfectly balanced, served alongside a divine sambal chilli. If you want to escape the hour-long queue, a secret hack is to call in for takeaway and skip the queue.

???? ABC Brickworks Food Centre, 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-13, Singapore 150006
???? 3pm–10.45pm (Mon to Sun), Closed on Wed & Sat

Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee

best hokkien mee singapore nam sing
Photo: Evan Mua/confirmgood.com

The cult favourite Nam Sing at Old Airport is one of the pioneers of the drier Singapore-style Hokkien mee that’s served with cut chilli instead of the more common sambal.

The frying style locks plenty of flavour into the bouncy noodles, which have gotten them a legion of loyal fans.

???? 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-32, Singapore 390051
???? 10am–6pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

You Fu Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee

best hokkien mee singapore you fu
Photo: Evan Mua/confirmgood.com

Can a 23-year-old fry a good plate of Hokkien mee? You Fu is perhaps best known for its young chef who has been helping out his father since he was 14.

You’d be surprised to find that his frying is immaculate, delivering a plate that is loaded with both wok hei and prawn sweetness. Pretty incredible for a young chap, when more experienced hawkers in Singapore struggle to fry a good Hokkien mee.

???? 505 Beach Rd, #01-57 Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583
???? 11.30am–8.30pm (Tue to Sun), 11.30am–7pm (Thu)

Hainan Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee

best hokkien mee singapore hainan hokkien mee
Photo: Evan Mua/confirmgood.com

The other hokkien mee stall in Golden Mile Food Centre, Hainan Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee, is the polar opposite of You Fu. It’s masterfully fried by a seasoned veteran and takes my vote for the best dry-style Hokkien mee in Singapore.

The noodles are moist but springy, with an intoxicating mix of umami and wok hei. Be prepared to brave the queues — it’s well worth the wait.

???? 505 Beach Rd, #B1-34 Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583
???? 10.30am–5.30pm (Sun to Tue), Closed on Wed

Swee Guan Hokkien Mee

best hokkien mee singapore swee guan
Photo: Evan Mua/confirmgood.com

Wok hei is a common buzzword to describe many hawker foods and Swee Guan’s old-school charcoal-fried Hokkien mee is bursting with it.

Portion sizes tend to fall on the smaller side, but the fresh seafood and smoky richness of the bee hoon and yellow noodle mixture make it worth a trip down to Geylang.

???? 5 Lor 29 Geylang, Singapore 388060
???? 5pm–10pm (Thu to Tue), Closed on Wed

Hokkien Man Hokkien Mee

best hokkien mee singapore hokkien man
Photo: @matlidalim/instagram

Owned by a former sous chef at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant, Les Amis, Hokkien Man Hokkien Mee is also another popular stall that has made its way into the Michelin Guide.

Each plate of noodles is a cross between the wet and dry style, with a garlic-forward prawn head broth and the option to add additional ingredients like abalone or egg. The stall is only open for four hours a day since the chef personally preps everything, a process that takes up to 10 hours.

???? 19 Lor 7 Toa Payoh, Block 19, Singapore 310019
???? 10am–2.30pm (Thu to Tue), Closed on Wed

Come Daily (Tian Tian Lai)

best hokkien mee singapore tian tian lai come daily
Photo: @ordifolks/instagram

There is no shortage of Hokkien mee stalls in Toa Payoh but Tian Tian Lai is one of the most popular. Their style is more “soupy” than wet, with the plate drenched in a pool of incredibly umami stock that tastes almost like prawn mee broth.

Best of all, it comes with a generous helping of crunchy fried pork lard that elevates the richness even more.

Facebook | Instagram
???? 127 Lor 1 Toa Payoh, #02-27, Singapore 310127
???? 8am–2.30pm (Wed to Sun), Closed on Mon & Tue

Hong Heng Fried Sotong Prawn Mee

best hokkien mee singapore hong heng
Photo: @frootlupe/instagram

Having consistently remained on the Michelin Bib Gourmand for the past couple of years, Hong Heng Fried Sotong Prawn Mee in the popular Tiong Bahru Food Market dishes out Hokkien mee with a gentler, more subdued flavour profile.

However, it does manage to find that sweet spot in terms of richness, wok hei and spice.

???? 30 Seng Poh Rd, #02-01 Tiong Bahru Market, Singapore 168898
???? 11am–3pm, 4.30pm–7.30pm (Tue to Sat), Closed on Mon

XiaoDi Fried Prawn Noodle

best hokkien mee singapore xiao di
Photo: Evan Mua/confirmgood.com

Despite being located somewhat inconveniently in a Serangoon HDB estate, XiaoDi Fried Prawn Noodle, owned by a young hawker, is perpetually packed. If there was a “hipster” choice for the best Hokkien mee in Singapore, XiaoDi would be it.

Be it the gooey wet-style noodles, or the fragrant stock and garlicky kick, just know that this is a well-rounded crowd pleaser sure to satiate anyone.

???? 153 Serangoon North Ave 1, #01-512 Guan Hock Tiong Eating House, Singapore 550153
???? 11am–3pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

Geylang Lor 29 Hokkien Mee

best hokkien mee singapore lor geylang 29
Photo: @zachdevours/instagram

Geylang Lor 29 Hokkien Mee is one of the rare few places in Singapore, along with Swee Guan, that specialises in charcoal-fried Hokkien Mee. That’s because both are run by siblings who learnt the art of charcoal frying from their father.

Geylang Lor 29’s version isn’t as intensely smoky but still packs a punch, with a nuanced flavour dominated by lard and umami seafood. You can also order a side of juicy pork satay to munch on in between bites of Hokkien mee.

???? 396 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428994
???? 11.30am–8.30pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon


Photo: @kevin_the_hiak/instagram

Chatterbox may serve up the expensive chicken rice in Singapore, but their luxe Seafood Hokkien Mee is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t mistake it for a touristy gimmick; it’s indulgent and expertly fried, topped with plump scallops, squid and prawns.

Facebook | Instagram
???? 333 Orchard Rd, #05-03 Hilton Singapore Orchard, Singapore 238867
???? 11.30am–4.30pm, 5.30pm–9.30pm (Daily)

Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee

Photo: @di_di_jiak/instagram

Hokkien mee is the perfect supper dish. Unfortunately, the majority of stalls aren’t open past midnight. Fortunately, Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee at Whampoa does, and it happens to be one of the better ones around.

It’s hard to beat the satisfaction of slurping down the gravy-coated noodles and feisty belachan after a long day.

???? 90 Whampoa Drive, Whampoa Makan Place, Singapore 320090
???? 3.30pm–1.300am (Mon to Wed, Fri), 2pm–1.30am (Sat), 2pm–12am (Sun), Closed on Thu

The NeighbourWok

Photo: @theneighbourwok/instagram

The NeighbourWok is somewhat of a hidden gem in Bukit Batok. The stall is always packed with West-siders eager to eat their fill of yellow noodles and thick white bee hoon slathered in thick, slurp-worthy stock, with a generous portion of pork belly, prawns and sotong.

Oh, and don’t forget to pile on the free-flow crispy pork lard.

Facebook | Instagram
???? Get Together Coffeeshop, 欢聚一堂, 177 Bukit Batok West Ave. 8, Singapore 650177
???? 11am–2.30pm, 4pm–8.30pm (Wed to Sun), Closed on Mon & Tue

Simon Road Hokkien Mee

Photo: @thesilverchef/instagram

Originally located in a Simon Road coffeeshop, the legendary Simon Road Hokkien Mee has since branched out into two outlets, dishing out plates of both dry and wet-style Hokkien mee prepared using a recipe passed down over three generations.

A rich, luscious broth, crispy lard, and two types of unique house-made chilli (the belachan is a personal favourite of mine) — what more could you want?

Facebook | Instagram
???? 210 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530210
???? 10.30am–9pm (Mon, Wed to Sun), Closed on Tue

???? 6 St George’s Rd, Chang Sheng Eating House, Singapore 328025
???? 10am–9pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

Bedok Corner Hokkien Fried Squid Prawn Mee

Photo: @itstheben.eats/instagram

As the only authentic halal-certified Hokkien mee stall on this list, Bedok Corner Hokkien Fried Squid Prawn Mee has its own fair share of loyal customers.

Thin white bee hoon that soaks up every drop of moreish gravy is used here, making for a moist and flavour-packed plate. However, the real star of the show is definitely the fiery sambal.

???? 1 Bedok Rd, #29 Bedok Corner Food, Singapore 469356
???? 11.30am–7pm (Mon, Wed to Sun), Closed on Tue

Original Serangoon Fried Hokkien Mee

hokkien mee
Photo: @yippi312_eatdrinklove/instagram

The original founder of Original Serangoon Fried Hokkien Mee is a legend in the hawker scene. Back in the day, the handicapped Mr Neo would sit over a charcoal fire and fry up plates of mouthwatering Hokkien mee Singaporeans were willing to travel for.

His successor has evidently mastered his style, because the wet, starchy texture is fantastic, with a delightful touch of smoke and killer sambal.

???? 566 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218181
???? 4.30pm–11pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

Ah Hock Fried Hokkien Mee

Photo: @eaterries/instagram

When it comes to Hokkien mee at Singapore’s favourite supper spot Chomp Chomp, there are conflicting opinions. The general opinion, however, appears to sway in favour of the red plates by Ah Hock Fried Hokkien Mee.

While not dry-style per se, their version is stir-fried in pork stock till the noodles are fully absorbed. It packs a good amount of flavour, amplified by cut red chilli instead of the usual sambal.

???? 57 Garden Way, Chomp Chomp Food Centre Stall 27 Serangoon Gardens
???? 5.30pm–12am (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

Kim Keat Hokkien Mee

Photo: @thearyworld/instagram

Any self-respecting Hokkien mee connoisseur would’ve heard of Kim Keat, renowned for serving their wet-style Hokkien mee in a claypot with a side of crispy sio bak.

Many people claim the unique serving vessel imparts more wok hei and depth of flavour, with the trapped heat resulting in a thicker, starchier sauce.

???? Block 92 Toa Payoh Lorong 4, #01-264, Singapore 310092
???? 11am–7pm (Mon, Thu to Sun), Closed on Tue & Wed

Liang Ji Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee

Photo: @thechubbydoc/instagram

It’s no secret many hawker recipes will be lost after the owners retire. So it’s always great to see new-gen hawkers extending the legacy of Singapore heritage food, especially Hokkien mee.

The son of the owner of Hainan Hokkien Mee has his own horde of loyal fans at Liang Ji, best known for its dry-style Hokkien mee with strong wok hei and very shiok sambal.

???? 134 Sims Avenue, Geylang Lorong 17, Singapore 387456
???? 11am–9pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

???? 631 Bedok Reservoir Rd, #01-886, Singapore 470631
???? 11am–9pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

Good Luck Beerhouse

Singapore Best Hokkien Mee
Photo: @traveling_noodle/instagram

You would expect to find a beer house that sells good Hokkien mee in Singapore, but the pairing just makes so much sense.

Good Luck Beerhouse’s version of this hawker favourite is popular for its gargantuan prawns and gratuitous dose of umami, which pair perfectly with a refreshing IPA.

???? 9 Haji Ln, Singapore 189202
???? 4pm–10pm (Mon, Tue to Thu), 12pm–12am (Fri to Sun)

Eng Ho Fried Hokkien Mee

Photo: @adelinecll/instagram

Many Northies complain that there aren’t a lot of good Hokkien Mee in the North. More specifically, Eng Ho is probably the only Hokkien mee that’s relatively near to the North of Singapore.

Eng Ho has been around for some time and their wetter version uses thinner bee hoon to absorb more broth. Some have likened this to a wetter version of Nam Sing so take note, fans.

???? 409 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-34, Singapore 560409
???? 4pm–11pm (Wed to Sun), Closed on Mon & Tue

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