Pig out on Casuarina Curry’s S$7.90 prata buffet with 26 varieties from 27 Sep to 1 Oct

by Evan Mua
casuarina curry prata buffet

Even as someone who isn’t a fan of buffets, sometimes certain buffet deals really make me think “damn, I need to go try it.” If you’re like me, you might be interested in Casuarina Curry’s one-of-a-kind Prata Buffet deal for just S$7.90.

Yeap, if you’re a Prata lover, you gotta get in on this deal that will run only be available for a few days from 27 Sep 2021 to 1 Oct 2021 2021. For a mere S$7.90, you can indulge in however many slices of Prata your tummy can take.

casuarina curry prata buffet
Photo: Casuarina Curry Macpherson

Of course, there is a catch — you can only head down between 3pm and 6pm and you are only given 90 minutes for your all-you-can-eat Prata feast. But hey, 90 minutes is enough for almost anyone to get a food baby. This deal is also only available at the MacPherson outlet.

You’d be spoilt for choice at this Prata buffet since Casuarina Curry is offering 26 varieties of its beloved Pratas. The menu is split into 2 different categories, Traditional for the classics and Special for some of their wackier takes on Prata.

casuarina curry prata buffet
Photo: @welikemakan/instagram

Some of the familiar items you can find under the Traditional section include Kosong Prata, Plaster Prata, Paper Prata, and Egg Prata. Most of these cost around S$1.30 to S$2.50, so you just gotta have 4 and you’d have recouped your money.

But if you’re not huge on the classics, then go for the Special category of the Prata buffet, featuring some of Casuarina Curry’s most innovative signatures.

You can find things as simple as just and Egg Onion Garlic to the seriously ingredient-packed crazy stuff such as Egg Cheese Sausage, Plaster Cheese, and the all-in-one Egg Mushroom Cheese with Onion Garlic Chilli.

Photo: @vivienneeluv/instagram

Sadly, Casuarina Curry doesn’t have any desserts on their Prata buffet if you’re the type that needs a sweet dessert to end off your meal.

But you can get some of their unique dessert Pratas off their ala carte menu, including the Honey Prata ($3.50), Ice Cream Prata ($4.50), or the Ondeh Ondeh Prata (S$4.90).

Casuarina Curry S$7.90 Prata Buffet
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????️ 3pm–6pm (27 Sep 2021 to 1 Oct 2021)

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*Top images from: Casuarina Curry Macpherson and @cheriemartini/instagram

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