You can now get a diploma in prata making with Casuarina Curry’s workshop

by Natalie Lim
casuarina curry prata workshop

You read that right, you can now get a diploma in prata making with Casuarina Curry’s prata making workshop.

Roti prata, or roti canai, is a breakfast staple for most Singaporeans. With fillings of egg, cheese, or even onion wrapped in a crispy thin dough, it’s hard not to love the flatbread that goes superbly well with a fragrant curry.

And if you’ve ever stared at the prata maker in awe, here’s your chance to become his disciple. In the workshop, you’ll get to learn the arts of dough making, dough flippin’, and of course, dough eating.

Casuarina Curry’s prata making workshop

casuarina curry prata workshop featured
Photo: Casuarina Curry 

Now, flipping dough isn’t easy at all. In fact, acquiring a diploma is a must if you’d like to set up a prata stall in the future. 

In Casuarina Curry’s prata making workshop, you’ll be taught by a prata shifu (master), where you’ll learn the craft of creating your very own prata.

Photo: @murphyloh/instagram

Firstly, shifu will guide you through a dough-making explanation. It’s important to know what you’re putting in your dough, especially when you’re going for 100% elasticity to spin it around better than Elastic Girl can.

Then, there’ll be a prata flipping demonstration for you to look at the masters at work. A little bird told me that the secret to good flippin’ lies in the flick of a wrist. We do not claim any responsibility for stuck prata doughs on the ceiling.

Once you’re ready, hone your skills by flipping your own prata. Be careful not to drop your hard work!

casuarina curry prata workshop featured
Photo: @mazleesg/instagram

Standing over a hot grill and taking care of your baby is hard work, so be rewarded with All-you-can-eat Special Pratas, a cup of Hot Teh Tarik, Kopi, or Milo, and a Certificate of Participation after.

Voila, you are now a prata expert. 

Priced at S$25.68 (GST included), bring your date or friends along for this two-hour session of fun.

The workshop will be held on every weekday at three two-hour time slots:


Do note that the Casuarina Curry prata making workshop is exclusive to its Macpherson outlet!

Sign up for the workshop here.

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