Armoury Steak house has S$30/pax steak buffet and 1-for-1 beers until 30 September

by Evan Mua
armoury steak buffet

What’s one of the best parts of dining out? Buffets. Nothing quite beats pigging out on delicious grub until you feel full and satisfied. Even better if it’s a steak buffet where you can just indulge in piece after piece of succulent beefy goodness — which is exactly what Armoury Steak House is known for.

While the idea of a steak buffet sounds expensive, Armoury’s steak buffet is actually quite affordable.

As part of their September promo, you can feast on unlimited Steak at Armoury Steak House with their Steak Buffet promo for 2 pax at S$60 nett only on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The promo will run throughout the month of September.

armoury steak house buffet
Photo: Armoury Steak House Singapore

Without the promo, you normally have to pay S$35 nett per pax on weekdays and S$37 per pax on Saturdays for Armoury Steak House’s steak buffet, which was already a steal at that price.

The steakhouse got really popular when it first introduced its steak buffet and they claim to have served 40,000 steak buffets since 2017. Well I know for sure I’m going to be adding to that statistic because a steak buffet sounds like a meat love’s dream.

So what are the goodies on the menu here? For the steaks, it’s a choice between the classic Striploin or Ribeye cuts that are grass-fed Australian and are topped with a flavoursome black pepper sauce.

armoury steak house
Photo: Armoury Steak House Singapore

Of course, Armoury Steak House realised it would be a monotonous binge to just eat nothing but steak so they have some meats available to switch it up. Other meat choices include BBQ Iberico pork ribs, fried chicken, grilled shabu beef and pork belly, chicken sausage.

If you feel yourself overdosing from all that rich meat you can also take a break with their Baked Dory Fish. option too Not to mention they have a myriad of sides that you can stuff your face silly with including spam fries, mantou, fries, satay, chicken drumlets and even nacho chips.

armoury steak house
Photo: @joliehwee/instagram

Besides the steak buffet, fellow alcoholics can also drink till they drop at Armoury Steak House with their 1-for-1 beers all day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the month of September.

So with all that free-flow meaty goodness just for a low price of S$30 nett per pax, this is a bargain for any meat lover looking to satisfy their meaty cravings.

Armoury Steak House
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???? 36 Beach Rd, #01- 01 South Beach, Singapore 189766
????️ 11:30pm–2:30pm, 5pm–10pm (Tue–Sun)

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