This convenience store at Holland Village has S$6 draft beer on tap, freshly grilled skewers, desserts & more


The convenience store culture from other countries like Japan and South Korea have always been the subject of envy for many Singaporeans — and now, even our neighbours from across the border have started to amp up their convenience store game with Family Mart and CU. 

But don’t get too bummed yet, we have a couple of unique convenience stores here on our little island too! 

cheers holland village singapore
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Holland Village is lined with exciting bars and restaurants, and the Cheers convenience store sitting in between them might look unassuming — but don’t walk past it just yet. 

cheers holland village singapore
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As you step into this Cheers outlet, you’ll see that it’s definitely not like any other convenience store that you see around the neighbourhood. There’s a bar serving pints of beer on tap for just S$6, a wine section, and even a mini open kitchen where you’ll be able to see skewers being prepared and grilled. 

cheers holland village singapore
Photo: Ivan Loh/google images

There’s a very substantial variety of skewers that start from S$1.60 with delectable items like Fluffy Tamago, Korean Fish Cake, Mushrooms and many more. There’s even Truffle Beef skewers at only S$3.50

cheers holland village singapore
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If you’re feeling a little fancy, they also have more gourmet skewers that are still pretty affordable like Foie Gras with Fig Jam (S$8), Marbled Wagyu Beef (S$5.50), and Japanese Sashimi Scallop (S$4.30). Hold up, are we really in a Cheers store or are we in a full-fledged izakaya? 

cheers holland village singapore
Photo: Ivan Loh/google images

Of course, you’ll also be able to purchase other alcohol and snacks from the convenience store to enjoy at the seating area — so your options are really quite limitless. Nissin Tom Yam cup noodles with some truffle beef anyone? 

For the dessert lovers, they also have waffles and french toasts (S$2.50) to help satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Next time you’re in Holland Village, skip the crowds and fancy bars for once and go ham at this unique Cheers outlet! 

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