ChubTuTu at Yishun makes Tutu Kueh with fillings you can’t find elsewhere like Nutella, Biscoff, and Mentaiko

by Evan Mua

Pasar Malams have been on hiatus since last year and, while some stalls have found permanent locations, one of the things we miss most is soft fluffy Tutu Kueh. That’s why we’re glad to discover ChubTutu, a hidden gem in Yishun that sells Tutu Kueh with clever twists.

While traditional Tutu Kueh comes with fillings like coconut and peanut, ChubTutu decided to innovate. They’ve reimagined the traditional snack using fillings like Nutella, Mentaiko, and even Durian.

chubtutu review

The owner actually started off with selling Tutu Kueh friend at Pasar Malams but they later parted ways.

She then decided to push off on her own and add some twists to appeal to the younger generation. Their flavours are always rotating too, so it’s worth looking out for new offerings,

chubtutu flavours

Some of the unique staples on ChubTuTu’s menu include Kaya, Chocolate, and even Rainbow Rice.

These standard flavours are charged at S$3 for 5 pcs. Yes, they have a flavour tier like most ice cream cafes!

These aren’t even the wackiest ideas. In the S$3.50 for 5 pcs tier, you can find trendier options such as everyone’s favourite Nutella and Biscoff.

chubtutu review

But Durian lovers would probably have their eyes drawn to the S$4.50 for 5 pcs tier, where a D24 Durian flavour is available to feed your craving for that strong-smelling king of fruits.

The other premium ingredients ChubTuTu offers in this tier currently are Salted Egg Custard, Mentaiko and Chilli Crab.

The last 2 will definitely raise some eyebrows, but =we know how much Singaporeans adore Mentaiko.

How are the Tutu Kueh themselves, gimmicky fillings aside? They are actually not bad and sported nicely soft and airy skin. Comparatively, ChubTuTu doesn’t lose out to the typical Pasar Malam stalls.

Some combinations work very well too, like the Salted Egg Custard. It’s just like a bite-sized Liu Sha Bao, perfect for those craving some dim sum.

The lightness of the skin also pairs well with richer fillings like Nutella and Biscoff. Cuts through the heaviness perfectly.


Not to mention the classics like Gula Melaka, which are nicely done as well. Packed with fragrance and not too sweet. No wonder there are older folks patronising ChubTuTu for their traditional varieties too!

New hawkers trying out novel things with classics are always welcome. After all, we are all hope for our hawker culture to survive, grow, and thrive.

So if you’re game to try some modern Tutu Kueh, they are open for walk-ins and deliver to the Yishun/Khatib area. They used to have scheduled area deliveries from time to time but it’s unclear if they will return.

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