Ramly Burger stall opens at Yishun and Bedok North

by Natalie Lim

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as getting your hands on a Ramly burger from the Pasar Malam (night market) stall.

Jostling through the crowd, enduring the beads of perspiration sticking onto your skin, and finally making it to the front of the queue. That’s the pasar malam experience. I can almost taste the burger as I impatiently eye the sizzling row of patties on the grill, knowing that the only thing that’s separating me from this sinful burger is the thin and fragile viewing pane.

Photo: instagram/@burockcuisine

Since the start of COVID-19, our night market cravings had to be put to a halt. But fortunately, Burock Cuisine has heard our prayers. Originally a pasar malam kiosk, they’ve now launched permanent stalls in Yishun and Bedok North for the beloved Ramly burgers.

Ramly Burgers at $4

Photo: instagram/@burockcuisine

Sure, hipster burgers that are stacked with fancy ingredients such as wagyu meat and pork belly make for a great feature on your Instagram story, but the Ramly burger provides comfort that no other burger can beat.

Each succulent patty is wrapped with a golden sheet of omelette, drizzled with their signature sauce, and finally, sandwiched between buttery toasted buns. The burgers are priced at $4, and you’ll get choose between a burger Ayam (chicken patty) or a burger lembu (beef patty).

Photo: instagram/@burockcuisine

For a sinfully indulgent meal, opt to stack on another patty for an additional $2.

Even if you’re a vegetarian, you’re invited to the party. The burger benjo, wrapped with egg and cabbage patty, is going at the price of just $2 each.

Ramly burger stalls stay open till 10PM

But perhaps the best part of this good news is that their stalls will stay open till 10PM. While supper trips to pasar malams are still out of the question, we’ll at least have this to hold.

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Yishun outlet
???? 101A Yishun Ave 5, Singapore 761101
????️ 12PM–10PM (Daily)

Bedok North outlet
???? 418 Bedok North Ave 2, Singapore 460418
????️ 11AM–10PM (Daily)

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