Pasar malam stall O.M.G opens permanent store selling sweet potato balls, churros, cheese nana & more

by Natalie Lim

With the lift of WFH, it seems like things are finally returning to normal. Public transport vehicles are getting packed, restaurants are crowded and your boss gets to chid you face-to-face…again. But something’s still missing — our favourite pasar malams.

To counter this, night market vendors have been setting up permanent outlets at various places. Ramly burgers at Paya Lebar, Pasar Malam Corner at Jurong East and now, O.M.G, a pasar malam stall famous for sweet potato balls, has joined the ranks.

O.M.G at Bugis

pasar malam 1
Photo: facebook/O.M.G

The sweet potato balls stall is familiar to any Singaporean. Since 2016, O.M.G has been located at various pasar malams and snaking long queues are always formed for this simple dessert — it’s the contrasting texture that gets us every time.

A crispy thin shell with a slight whiff of sweetness, engulfing a fragrant, orange-coloured centre that is so sticky, it sticks to your teeth.

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Photo: instagram/@o.m.g_sg

Now, you can visit their permanent outlet at Haji Lane.

Permanent pasar malam store with sweet potato balls

pasar malam 3
Photo: instagram/@singapoenightbazaar

Though the stall has exchanged its previously yellow appearance for a more Singaporean colour scheme, patrons can look forward to familiar pasar malam items such as Sweet Potato Balls, Roti John, Cheese Nana and even Churros.

pasar malam 4
Photo: instagram/@singaporenightbazaar

Besides the original Signature Sweet Potato Balls (S$5), other interesting flavours such as Cheese (S$6.50) and Peanut W/ Milk (S$6) have been spotted. The charcoal version is available for an extra dollar.

pasar malam 5


Pasar malam food such as Cheese Nana, Ramly burgers and milk tea

Photo: instagram/@o.m.g_sg

For Churro lovers, this Spanish youtiao is available for S$6. If the ones coated in Icing Sugar aren’t sweet enough for you, go for the delightfully sinful Nutella instead.

Photo: instagram/@o.m.g_sg

Another dessert option would be the Cheese Nana (S$7), a sweet and savoury combination of fried bananas and cheese. There’s also Roti John (S$7) if you prefer something heartier.

Photo: instagram/@o.m.g_sg

You can’t say that it’s a pasar malam experience when there are no burgers. For the complete package, indulge in O.M.G’s rendition of a Ramly burger, where offerings such as Chicken Cheese (S$6), Beef Cheese (S$6), Fish Cheese (S$6) and even Double Patty (S$9) are available.

Photo: instagram/@o.m.g_sg

Complete your meal with drinks such as Thai Milk Tea (S$4), Thai Green Tea (S$4), Strawberry Milk W/ Jelly (S$6) and more. All drinks are served with a mini knitted beanie, so you can leave with a souvenir. 

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